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Antara Kar



Antara Kar


COVID Evolution

COVID Evolution

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Throughout the course of history, pandemics have occurred every 100 years. Sometimes changing the human race, at times signalling the powerful empires to slow down, breathe, and introspect. Similar is the year 2020. It’s experiencing a tremendous outbreak of a fatal disease COVID-19 in the world.

An unruly entrant ‘the novel CORONA virus’ has entered the universe and has locked down the wisest of species: HOMOSAPIENS.

The facts and figures of the mortality rates may seem quite shattering. But at the same time is questioning our progressive mindset to tackle the situation. The sad reality is that it is spreading quickly and will continue to spread for an undefined time. The disease is contagious and at times the symptoms are asymptotic. The patient might not know he is the carrier of the virus and may spread unknowingly to other people. None of us are 100% safe. It’s like escaping death by fluke every day.

Situation similar has never happened in the recent past. Nations, Government bodies are collaborating with all possible weapons to flatten the rising curve of deaths.

 Lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, sanitizing, N95 masks, and hotspots are becoming buzz words.

The crisis has proved to be a blessing in many ways. Everyone is extending their helping hand. Be it the doctors/health workers working day and night to save lives. Or be it the police constables acting as guardian to maintain social distancing in localities. Not to mention the relentless support of frontline people standing up for the national crisis. The bank's workers helping us meet our both ends, journalists delivering the latest news to our bedrooms, food delivery staffs keeping our hunger attacks in check, security guards doing strict vigilance, to the boy next door helping to deliver the groceries at the doorstep. Each one of us has united for one common cause “SAVE THE LIFE”.

This reminds me of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

“Survival for the fittest”

As per the medical council, the effective way to defeat the virus is to grow the immunity levels. Doctors advise taking citrus foods: lime, grapes, avocados, warm liquids. Also washing hands with sanitizers and maintaining social distancing seem to be the only norm.

Although the race to find a vaccine for the fatal respiratory disease is still underway.

Doctors are currently pinning their hopes on drugs already being used to treat other known viruses that they are repurposing for coronavirus patients.

What has this pause taught us

For me, the experience of living in Mumbai has been life-changing. I mean look at the city that never sleeps. Now it looks like a page from history. Much like the theme from books that we often visualized as someone’s great imagination.

No hustling people at locals, no honking cars on roads, no road accidents, no business in Dalal Street, no dabbawalas commuting, no tourists flocking at Marine Drive. The city looks absolutely serene from the drone camera. 

·       Brought back the Indian lost culture of greetings. Hugs and handshakes changed to folded hands Namaste. Now the world is following us.

·       Indoor became the new outdoor. Suddenly shopping malls, theatres, and restaurants became insignificant. We redefined entertainment with yoga, reading, cooking, painting, etc.

·        We have no time for family – a common excuse. Kids and parents bought time for each other. We all learnt to unlock the care and compassion of the human heart. The concrete world suddenly evolved into a loving paradise.

·       Work is so important, which brings bread can be operated from home. WorkFromHome a new synonym of redefining the work culture.

·       Lack of spare time and thus no hobbies. Now the eternal shutdown has given us a chance to hone our long-cherished passion. Give your dreams a kick-start. Life is one. Let’s make the most of it.

·       Each one of us is vulnerable when it comes to life and death. The virus is not bargaining the rich or poor, the weak or powerful, the fair or dark, not even the majority or minority. We all are the same and some molecular level.

May we soon see and live in COVID-free world and win this war hands down. Till then go, discover, new ways of living. Learn and unlearn, share knowledge, extend a helping hand, and don’t forget to smile with family.

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