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Corona Crisis !!!

Corona Crisis !!!

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During Corona. . . .

Nowadays, most of us, if not all, are members of many a What’s App group of friends, colleagues, peer groups, alumnus, relatives, etc. 

I have noticed an interesting change in the messaging patterns in such groups in the last few weeks. 

More the cases of Corona are emerging, less the posts related to its awareness are being forwarded in these groups now. 

Seems, posts/audio/video on Corona is inversely proportional to the increase of its cases !!!

& I find this amazing. . . .

What could be the reason for this?? 

Why people like you and me stopped forwarding corona?? ( message; not the virus off course !! ).

Have we given up & accepted our defeat against the pandemic?

Or we have put everything on GOD now??

Or have we learned to live with this???

The third question connects me to many other issues like Corona, which has derailed the journey of human race time and again, but, failed to cease its existence.

How Mumbaikars survive flood every single year?

How people manage to live in the Maoist infested hamlets in the uncharted territory of Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh??

How people could live in war-torn Afghanistan, Sirya and Gulf nations?

How could people manage to breathe in the suffocation of North Korea?

I have always thought of these - how could people !!!. . . . . &. . . now I think I have an answer. . . . .

It seems, people survive simply because they want to . . . . & it is as simple as that. . .

When we can’t solve a problem or when put in a situation beyond our control . . . . . first, we accept it. . . . . next, we adjust to it. . . . then we get accustomed to it. . . . . & finally. . . . we assimilate the problem and consider it to be a part of our daily life. 

& once this cycle of attitudinal evolution towards a problem/situation is complete, then it does not remain a problem anymore. . 

It becomes a 'New Normal' of life.

In Kashmir valley, they say - Here, it is easier getting arrested than buying a mobile SIM card. 

So, it is normal for them, which you and I will not be able to understand until and unless we get into that situation and get through the above evolution cycle, finally to accept this absurdity as a ‘normal’.

This is why people still live and love when bomber jets fly above them!

People still give birth when they do not know, how long they themselves will live !!

People inside a bullet-ridden building still make merry and find a reason to laugh when they do not even know if they will be able to see tomorrow’s daylight.

This is what I called – 'Amazing' . . . 

Hoping against all hopelessness... Trying to restore normalcy against all abnormality. . . . Just going by the survival instinct & refusing to Give Up. . .

Wish you all the very best for your fight against Corona.

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