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Samar Dev

Romance Crime Thriller


Samar Dev

Romance Crime Thriller

Constructing A Deadly Conspiracy

Constructing A Deadly Conspiracy

9 mins 338 9 mins 338

Rajesh was very worried for his sister Anushka whose husband committed suicide a month ago and he was busy helping her in all the paper works that she needs to fulfil just to get her husband’s share after the police case and all. Anushka didn’t even get a time to break down weep for her husband who was the owner of a property worth around 1 crore as evaluated by the respective valuation officials.

Anushka married to this man who was a filthy rich man and a very renowned artist once upon a time. Suicide was really a very pathetic end to him and was really unbelievable. But he was going through a depressive phase for over a year or so as all other unsuccessful celebrities. His parents were so kind to their daughter law Anushka and happily released her from all her duties towards their house. Anushka has no choice but to return back to her father’s family.

Rajesh was already married to a very beautiful lady named Naina, who’s 5 years older than him. They had fallen in love with each other and got married just 6 months back. Naina was an orphan and had a good possession left by her grandparents. Rajesh saved her life during a riot situation and slowly that incident brought them close, leading them to marry each other after 4 months of a loving courtship.

Everything was fine till the death of Anushka’s husband which really devastated everybody. Rajesh’s parents were broken and even Rajesh was feeling very sad for his beloved sister. Suddenly, Rajesh and all became very busy sorting out life’s obstacles and problems. Even Naina was very much affected by Anushka’s plight as she was very dear and close to her. Naina was very mindful about her sister in law by staying close to Anushka trying to console and comfort whenever she saw her low and having crying spells.

As the day progressed, Anushka became normal as she tried her best to come out of the trauma she went through. But Naina somehow felt that she had changed a bit and was maintaining distance from her. Even she felt that Anushka was trying to hide her phones from Naina which she never used to do previously. Sometimes when Naina found Anushka talking to somebody on the phone in a low tone and hangs up the phone when she sees her sister in law. Whenever Naina tried to give Anushka’s phone when it rings and she was away, Anushka snatches it quickly from her hands. Naina felt it strange and also bad about it. She even shared this with Rajesh, her husband. But he would just kiss her lips and tell her to ignore it considering what his sister went through recently. Naina pretends to understand her situation but she was truly anxious about her beloved sister-in-law with whom she had always shared a great bond previously.

There were a couple of incidents that made Naina quite fearful about herself. And she started to falter in everything she did at home. She was a very sensible woman and these mistakes were unexpected from her. But there’s one such event which literally shook Naina and made her insecure to death.

That evening she and Anushka were returning from shopping when their taxi broke down on their way back. It was a secluded place and around 8 PM in the night. They had to come out of the taxi and walked slowly hoping to find another cab soon. They had hardly walked 100 meters ahead when they saw a speeding truck approaching towards them with its headlight falling right in their eyes. The beastly noise of its engine was horrific as it brushed Naina and sped away in the darkness leaving her in total shock. She fell down on the road. Anushka was onto the sides so she ran few steps away further seeing the approaching truck. She ran back to Naina to find her traumatized and fallen on the road.

Later at home, a doctor was called and Naina was under treatment for next two days. It was just the shock of being almost run over by the truck made her numb and traumatized. Whenever she closed her eyes, she found two big lights approaching her with a screeching noise. It was Anushka’s turn to return the favour and she did very well to take care of her sister in law.

Rajesh was worried for his wife as he was unable to bring her back to normalcy. The doctor advised him to change her environment. So, Rajesh planned to take a few days off from his work and go to a hill station along with Naina. Their family members helped the couple to pack their stuff as Naina was not well. And they both set out for Nainital after two days.

The nature’s beauty and Rajesh’s care really helped Naina to come out of fear and shock. Rajesh didn’t approach her for sex even when they were alone and having a vacation away from home. He was happy to be with his wife and was extremely cautious about her delicate condition. It was good that Naina soon became alright and approached her husband for physical intimacy which added colours to their lives especially in such a romantic place. Naina realised how much Rajesh takes care of her and how much he loves her. And Rajesh’s purpose of bringing her for this vacation was fulfilled.

But it was just before the day they were supposed to return home she went alone to the nearby market to buy a couple items as souvenirs. Rajesh had gone out for some other work and when she returned to the cottage, she found there were so many missed calls from her best friend, Nancy who was a resident of that hill station and the previous day both Rajesh and she were invited to her house for dinner. Naina called her back and suddenly became anxious after the conversation.

Rajesh comes back and sees her quiet and a bit disturbed again. He could not understand what exactly happened to her again. He tried to hug her and ask her what happened but she pushed him away. That made him feel strange, he asked, “What happened, my love?” He sensed something was wrong with her again.

She looked at him with her beautiful eyes filled with confusion… She replied gently, “Nancy called…” She paused and spoke again, “She saw Anushka here in Nainital this morning when she and her husband were out for some work.”

Rajesh could not believe what he heard. He was also confused what to reply. But somehow, he gathered courage to reply her, “I don’t think she saw Anushka. She was so shattered for what she went through. How will she come here for vacation, that to secretly and hiding from us?” He defended his sister.

Naina shook her head, “No no… I don’t think so … How can Nancy be so wrong? Something is fishy… Even I have told you before about her change of behaviours which I had been marking in her for a long time since the demise of her husband…” She kept stressing on her mind thinking and recalling all the incidents that have been happening all these time at home.

Rajesh still tried to make his wife understand that it maybe a mistake on Nancy’s part. But Naina’s heart and mind were stuck to that information which kept on troubling her yet she didn’t argue with him anymore but told her that she wanted to visit Nancy for last time before they return back home as she is alone at home. Rajesh agreed and asked her to go alone as he excused himself for some work. Naina agreed to go alone to see Nancy and went out of the hotel sealing a kiss on her husband’s lips.

After two complete hours Naina returned back to the hotel and entered straight into their suite as she had the duplicate key. When she entered inside, he found Rajesh just in his underwear only, who came out of the bed room to the front room of the suite.

“What’s up Baby, why are you in your boxers?” She asked. Rajesh was kind of unprepared for that question it seemed. He stammered but gathered himself quickly to reply to her, “I was packing darling and I chose a different trouser to wear now… Sooo…” He just came close and hugged her tight asking, “So what did then Nancy say?”

Naina gathered all her strength pushing herself back from him and looked at Rajesh and said curtly, “Anushka was talking over the phone when Nancy overheard her. Nancy was about to call her but she overheard something so strange that she decided to keep it to her and inform me face to face.

Rajesh could not hold his patience anymore. “This is bullshit, Naina. You and your friend were gossiping about Anushka who is at home now? And what the hell she told you about my sis?” He was a bit irritated.

“She heard Anushka talking to somebody that, ‘We can keep our secrets forever, my love, just keep the papers ready… we won’t let anybody know what is going to happen… But what about your wife…?’ Then she started to laugh and walked away from Nancy…” Told Naina looking at Rajesh. “Nancy, can’t be wrong so much, when she herself heard Anu talking.” Naina countered her husband.

Rajesh was confused and was wondering what to say when Naina’s eyes caught something and she was startled. She saw a woman’s bare legs on the bed underneath a jumbled-up blanket in the bedroom of their suite.

‘Who’s she and what is she doing in their bed room?’ She thought as she walked slowly towards the bed room door pushing Rajesh aside who was trying to stop her from going in. Naina pushed the door wide open but she could not see her face as the lady had all her body covered, unaware of her exposed legs.

Naina screamed at the top of her voice pulling the blanket off her, “Who the hell is she… Rajesh?” Without looking back at him she waited for the girl to turn her face towards her.

The girl turned towards her and started giggling wickedly looking at Naina, as she heard Rajesh laughing at her back as well. She couldn’t believe what she saw and heard. She closed her ears in disbelief - ‘Anushka her loving sister-in-law with her brother, her husband Rajesh!!!’

Anushka came out of the bed seductively and clung to her brother as they both narrated the story of their love, seduction, and sexual intimacy since their childhood till date shamelessly to a shocked and shattered Naina whose tears never stopped rolling down from her eyes construing such conspiracy by her closest family members.


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