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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller



19 mins 262 19 mins 262

As the sky is turning to the dark side with people going back to their house, Akhil(near to the seashore of Vishakapatnam) decides to go back to his home.

His face is grit, eyes are brown and hair is brown-coloured. He slowly gets up from the sand and walks towards his Suzuki car, with his car keys in the left hand.

He proceeds and opens the door of driver's seat with his car keys. Akhil gets in and drives back to his home. He refreshes himself, have dinner and sleeps.

The next day, Akhil wakes up in his home and finds out that the time is now 5:30 AM.

"Oh my God! It's already time. I have to go for an important meeting today, Damn it!" Akhil refreshes himself and rushes back to his office. He have now wore blue coat-suits and a black cooling glass.

Akhil is working as a software specialist and is developing a software, which would bring up good benefits for the computer in the society.

Akhil had been engaged to his love interest Swetha and is about to get married after a few days of time. Swetha have gone for Vijayawada in order to finish a business contract, which she got from Infosys.

Meanwhile in Hyderabad High Court, media and public eagerly stands in the entrance door awaiting for the reputed and respected lawyer Sai Adhithya.

"Sir. Is he such an intelligent lawyer?" asked the common man.

"Sir. What a question have you asked! Rather than a lawyer, he is a smart Detective, you know!" said another man.

While conversing, a loud horn is heard. As they looked back, they notes the number TN 34 AZ 4521. The car slowly makes the entrance to the court maximizing with the speed of 25 km/ph. It stops to the left side. The lawyer gets down from the car.

He looks exactly like Akhil. He have a grit-looking face, brown eyes and is wearing a diamond ring in his left hand.(2nd finger)

Sai Adhithya have taken up the case of a girl Aadhiya, who got stabbed by the rich man named James. He is the son of a reputed and bigwig businessman in the society.

Sai Adhithya have an opposition lawyer named Bharath Naidu, who represents James.

In the courtroom, Bharat argues in favour of James telling, "Honourable court. My friend James is innocent and fears how to talk with a girl. Infact, he never forced any girls these many days. He have been framed up for an acid attacks, this is ridiculous. Evidence are there in this document, my lord." He gives it to the judge, where the files act in favor of James.

Sai Adhithya argues saying, "Objection, your honour. The accused James have roamed for three months and had been told to torture Aadhiya. In addition, he have blackmailed her that he would throw acid in her face if she didn't accept to his advances and love proposal. As she ignored his threat, he tried to stab her. But, she have survived the attacks."

Sai Adhithya submits the CCTV footage, where the attack was registered. Further, he brings two girls, who have seen the attack by hiding through the woods. The case goes against James.

Left with no way, Bharat remains silent. While, Adhithya argues stating, "If girls doesn't accept to the advances of boys, they will attack them ah? Where are we going sir? And where justice have gone? Girls are not just a mere slaves to men. They have freedom to speech, freedom to choose and freedom to decide what is good and what is bad. These fellows takes their status to the advantage and thought, they can do anything. These guys should fear. For blackmailing a girl that he would throw acid and for stabbing her, James should be given ten years of imprisonment as per Section 326 A of the Indian Penal Code. That's all, my lord."

"As the evidence goes to the favor of girl and against James, he had been charged the fine(compensation) of 10,000 and given ten years imprisonment. If he fails to compensate, then would get another one year of imprisonment." The judge gave his final verdict.

Adhithya is widely appreciated by the public and he returns to his home, which is like a bungalow, three times bigger compared to Akhil's. There is swimming pool, garden and a farmhouse, quite a few meters away. He refreshes himself and gets ready to go and meet his love interest, Yazhini.

She is working as a wildlife photographer, running her own photography company. Adhithya reaches her house and in the outside, he wears a mask around his face, to fear her up.

Yazhini is looking gorgeous in her red sari. She have an attractive blue eyes, with a diamond blanket in her two ears. Her lips looks pretty-good. Her face is narrow and white.

Adhithya slowly goes inside her house, without making any noise. He holds her gaze in her hip and tells her, "Many more happy returns of the day, my darling."

Yazhini turns back and hits him lovingly.

"Now only, you would come and tell me ah? I have been waiting for you da."

"Sorry darling. I was busy with my case you know.

"That's okay. What's special today for my birthday?"

"We are going to have a breakfast and go for a surprise place which would attract you a lot." Adhithya said. Yaalu cannot tolerate the suspense. She goes along with him (after having breakfast) in his car.

As Yazhini goes to the place, Adhithya closes her eyes with a towel and she asked him, "Why are you closing my eyes, da?"

"I told you right. That's a surprise."

He opens her eyes after reaching the place. Yazhini sees the forest resort of Adhithya's, which she dreamed to visit with him since four years, as a surprise for her birthday. Because, she loves to admire the nature that's surrounded by trees.

After taking few photos and admiring the nature, Adhithya takes her to his house in the resort, where he showcases the beautiful and memorable moments, that he have spent for several days, by staying here.

She is impressed and touched to know that, he spends time mostly in this place after finishing the work. Finds out novels, books, newspapers and lots of other things, kept by Adhithya for reading.

Suddenly, a big thundersounds is heard outside. Rains starts to downpour heavily.

"Adhi. It's raining. What shall we do now?"

"Let's stay here and go back tomorrow."

"It might create problems."

"We are anyways going to marry right, Yaalu? Why to worry? Forget about it."

He consoles her. While sitting and watching the TV, Adhithya notices the eyes of Yaazhini and feels the glimpse of her hair by running his hands through her hair.

However, he steps back. Yaazhini realizes that he fears and she looks at him through her wailing eyes. Tempted a lot and having a moment of privacy, Adhithya passionately kisses her in the lips. He lingers and proceeds to kiss her cheek and neck.

Then, he removes her dress and Yazhini's sari. They both sleep together the whole night by having sex. To cover their nude body, they have wore bedsheets around their body. Yazhini regrets thinking about the events of previous night. But, Adhithya consoles her and tells her, they are going to get married and it's not to be worried. She calms down. Adhithya drops Yazhini back in her house safely.


Two months later, Adhithya goes to a mall(around 9:30 PM) in order to attend a party for celebrating the victory of his court case, that he have finished successfully yesterday.

While attending the party, Akhil also ba e came there. That night around 10:45 PM, one of the two guys sneaks into the house, owned by four rich guys: Pradeep, Somesh, Pramoth and Harnish. The guy breaks the window of those four guys, near to the place of ventilator. As they are heavily drunk, the guys unnotices this.

They are forced with a poison via. through the attached plastic pipes after tying a thread on its end. As the four guys are drunk and sleeping without knowing the happening of events, the guy bought the thread to one of the guy's mouth. He then sent the poison to the four guys by spending one hour of time and had them killed.

The next day, Adhithya meets Yazhini. He proposes marriage to her, to which she agrees. Yazhini tells Adhithya, "I have to tell a truth to you Adhithya."

Yazhini tells that she is an orphan and didn't have any family members in common. She is going to become a part of Adhithya's family once she married him. He consoles her and tells that he would support her forever. She emotionally hugs him, crying. He holds her gaze by holding her hip.

However, the four guy's deaths are investigated by the Department of Police, led by DSP Ajay Narayana Reddy. While investigating the case, they gets a selfie taken by a couple, which had been found nearby. The photo shows either Akhil or Adhithya, present in the spot of those rich guy's house.

Both of them are taken into the police custody in order to get investigated by Ajay Narayana Reddy. In the custody, one of the police officers Inspector Suresh tortures Sai Adhithya. Because the latter have got him suspended for two months by exposing about his corrupt nature and bribery, that he got from complainters. Both of the guys are investigated by the police officers, without their knowledge of each other's existence.

The witness had been asked by Suresh, "Tell. Among these two, who have murdered the four guys?"

"Among these two, Akhil have killed those four guys sir. But, we're unable to recognize who is Akhil. Because, both of them are look-alike." The witness and her husband said.

The police team is dejected. DSP Ajay appoints ACP Ram Aravinth to investigate this case in further. Because, he have the skill and knowledge of handling the complicated cases. As he have studied for Detective course and know several novels, about crime and murder mysteries well. Ram is ruthless and punishes those, who doesn't abide by law and provokes injustice act.

Ram goes to Akhil and interrogates about the reasons for his presence in that particular place, during the murder of those four guys. He replies to him saying, "I have been driving back to my home sir. At that time, my car broke down. A taxi driver helped me to get it repaired."

Ram however, reaches one of Pramoth's friend Kabinesh to interrogate about Akhil and Adhithya. He failed to recognize Akhil and is confused due to their same facial looks. He questions Adhithya's lover Yazhini also about the twins. However, she tells her: "I now only know that, Adhithya have a look-alike. He haven't revealed about this to me."

She is asked by Ram not to leave the city without informing him. However, she secretly escapes from the city, as per the instructions of Adhithya.

Ram learns of the rivalry between Adhithya and Suresh.

Meanwhile, Forensic analysts goes to the house of those four murdered guys and finds out a hair sample and poison bottle. Hair sample doesn't match anyone else in those guy's house.

At the police station, Akhil tries to escape. But, he gets interrupted by Adhithya. They violently fight, hurting everyone and vandalizing the station in the process.

Ram clears the scene and locks the guys in the prison.

"Sir. Arrange for these guy's DNA tests. This is the only way for us to catch up to this case," said Ram.

DNA test are taken by the science experts. DNA samples of the two guys are found identical and both confess about the same. Akhil reveals about his life:

Akhil and Adhithya's parents did love marriage. Their father was a rich businessman. While mother worked as a successful advocate. Since, both of them earns more salaries, this created a ego clash between the duo. As a result of this, both got divorced and Akhil is taken by his father. While, Adhithya is taken by his mother.

Akhil studied well and became a software analyst. While, Adhithya followed his mother's footsteps and studied for Law. In-between, his mother died due to heart disease. He is taken by his father, where he gets compared with

Akhil and is shown partiality. He clashes with them and the duo parted ways.

Adhithya became a successful advocate after coming out from the house. One day, Adhithya came to Akhil's home and left infront of Akhil whose file about software development goes missing. He reports to the police and gets him beaten up severely. However, Adhithya tells that he have came to take his mother's photo and tells, he would insist revenge against him as a criminal lawyer.

Upon hearing this, Ram now suspects Adhithya. Suresh decides to take the situation to his favor and decides to avenge Adhithya for the latter's humiliation against him.

However, the taxi driver, who helped Akhil confirms he was really stuck on the night of murder. He had been asked to do so by Ram. Because, he believes in the innocence of Akhil. Additionally, he clears some important evidences.

Shekar's associate Police constable Rajasekhar tells to Shekar, "Sir. Akhil is innocent. Because, he have been really stuck with the car. I told you right. He is innocent."

Shekar angrily slaps him and tells, "He would get acquitted happily da. With him, that lawyer too would escape...because, they are identical."

The next day, in the court hearing the judge declare the verdict: "There are no evidences about the exact murderer among these twins. Punishing the innocent is also wrong. Hence, both are released from the case, without any charges. Because I can't be sending the wrong person to the gallows."

Both Adhithya and Akhil are released from the case.


A disappointed and disgusted Ram later asks about the four guys daily activities to one of their close friends. Remembering a girl whom one of the four guy's close friend Ravi told him, he calls him..

At that time, a courier box comes to Ram. He asks about the girl, with whom the boy was infatuated. She is none other than Swetha, which shocks him. The courier photo shows Swetha with those four guys during the college days, where they studied together.

He rushes to meet both Akhil and Adhithya. Both of them are in the seashore of Vishakapatnam with Yazhini, tracing their call locations.

They sees Ram and he tells to Akhil, "You have cleverly cheated me by fooling right."

"We haven't fooled you sir. There's a reason for killing those guys." Yazhini said.

She reveals what happened to Swetha, the day when she have left for the project work.

Pradeep was Swetha's close friend. He have been attracted sexually with her. The childhood lust was there with his other friends too. As a result of this, the guys planned and mixed sedation in the juice of Swetha.

They tortured her, abused her and enjoyed by having sex for five days. Then, they had her killed and kept the police department shut by bribing them with a huge sum of money.

Akhil learned this from them. Before going there, he was given a clue by one of Swetha's friend. Since, Akhil have gone to investigate about her as she was missing for so many days, after she have left for the project. She told about Swetha going with Pradeep.

Heated with vengeance and rage, Akhil met Adhithya and told him everything. They make a plan and learned the schedule of the four guys. Then, they prepared a poison and had it infused in their mouth and killed them, without creating any suspicions.

Moved by the reason, Ram let's the trio go. Because, what they have did is a vigilante justice, even though it is a crime.

Before leaving the place, Adhithya tells, "Sir. I have helped Akhil having just considered about his future and welfare. Whatever happens, Justice would finally prevail. As a lawyer, I say this to you...keep this in your mind...would be very useful in your future life."

Ram wears his cooling glass and proceeds to go from the place, without turning back. While, Adhithya and Yazhini goes parting ways from Akhil. The both feels happier that, they have became a champion by handling the tough situations in a smart and intelligent way, through their own style of handling the tight situations by tactful planning.


Similar cases: 

It's well known that identical twins are not totally identical - they can, usually, be told apart, after all. But up to now it has been almost impossible to distinguish their DNA. It's claimed that a new test can do it quickly and affordably, however - and this could help police solve a number of crimes. 

At the end of 2012, six women were raped in Marseille, in the south of France. Evidence, including DNA, led police to not one, but two suspects - identical twins Elwin and Yohan. Their surname was not revealed. When asked to identify the attacker, victims recognised the twins but couldn't say which one had assaulted them. 

Police are struggling to work out which one to prosecute. They have been holding the brothers in custody since February - each twin says he didn't carry out the attacks, but neither is blaming the other. 

When the twins were arrested, media reports said tests to determine who to charge with the crimes would be prohibitively expensive, but that looks set to change. Scientists specialising in genomic research at the Eurofins laboratory in Ebersberg, Germany, say they can now help in cases like this. 

"The human genome consists of a three-billion-letter code," says Georg Gradl, their next-generation sequencing expert. "If the body is growing, or an embryo is developing, then all the three billion letters have to be copied. 

"During this copying process in the body there are 'typos' happening," says Gradl, referring to slight mutations. 

In standard DNA tests only a tiny fraction of the code is analysed - enough to differentiate between two average people, but not identical twins. 

Gradl and his team took samples from a pair of male twins and looked at the entire three-billion-letter sequence, and they found a few dozen differences in their DNA. 

The scientists also tested the son of one of the men, and found he had inherited five of the mutations from his father. Having analysed the results, they are confident that they can now tell any twin from another, and from their children. 

And the speed of the test is important - it can be carried out in about a month. 

Forensic institutes and police from Europe, Latin America and the US have already asked Eurofins if it can help them solve some 10 different cases. 

Gradl says cases of rape or sexual violence involving a twin are "more frequent than we expected". Often there are traces of sperm "and in these cases we can really differentiate," he says. 

The company can't reveal which cases it is working on, but Gradl admits Marseille is "certainly one of the cases that we would like to help… and we are very convinced that we would get [a result]". 

A number of other cases present similar difficulties. 

A court in Argentina recently suspended a trial so further investigations could be carried out, after a man charged with rape blamed his twin. 

There have also been a handful of cases in the US. Sometimes a tattoo or an alibi has enabled investigators to work out which twin to prosecute, but there have been times when both suspects have walked free. 

One of these cases occurred in 1999 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when a female student was hit over the head and raped. 

Five years later, police matched DNA from the attack to Jerome Cooper - but he has an identical twin, Tyrone. Both brothers already had records for sexual assault. 

"Both gave us statements, both denied it," says Captain Jeffrey Hertel of Grand Rapids Police Department. "We were naively hopeful that one of them would come forward and say, 'I don't want my brother falsely accused of something - it was me,' but that never happened." 

"At one time we put them in the same room together to see if they would come to some type of conclusion between the two of them. That didn't occur - they just talked small talk," he says. 

"We're all hoping that science is going to catch up to this case… we've taken deep breaths, we know it's going to happen, it's just a matter of time." 

More than a decade after the assault, he says the victim is "still waiting for her day in court". 

Another case occurred in 2009, in Malaysia, when police in Kuala Lumpur stopped a car containing 166kg (366lbs) of cannabis and 1.7kg (3.7lbs) of raw opium, and arrested the driver. 

A little later another man arrived at the house to which the car had been heading. They arrested him too. It turned out they had picked up identical twins, Sathis and Sabarish Raj. 

Only the first one had a key to the house and would have known for sure what was in the bags in the car. 

But when the case came to court, there was reasonable doubt which twin was which. A DNA test that might usually have been able to link a suspect to the car was of no use. 

"I can't be sending the wrong person to the gallows," said the judge, according to the New Straits Times. 

So both walked free, escaping the death penalty that is mandatory for convicted drugs traffickers in Malaysia. 

It's not just crimes that could be solved by the new test - doubts about paternity could also be laid to rest. 

In 2007, a court in Missouri heard a case concerning Holly Marie Adams, who had sex with identical twin brothers and subsequently gave birth to a child. 

A DNA test gave a nonsensical result - there was a 99.9% probability that Raymon Miller was the father, and also a 99.9% probability that his twin, Richard Miller, was the father. 

In the end, the judge had to rely on Adams' testimony to find out the exact dates she had slept with each man, how this corresponded with her menstrual cycle and whether either had used a condom. 

In the end he ruled that Raymon was the legal father. The standard of proof was lower than in a criminal trial. 

For all of these scenarios, Eurofins' test offers "a very exciting development… a significant step forward in forensic DNA analysis," says Laura Walton-Williams of the Forensic and Crime Science Department at Staffordshire University in the UK. 

She says she could also imagine a situation where police would use the test to determine whether a twin had been involved in the murder of an identical sibling - as for the first time they could differentiate between the DNA of the victim and the suspect. 

Walton-Williams cautions, however, that courts will want to know how rigorously the method has been tested before they allow it to be used as evidence. The cost of the test will also influence how widely it will be used, she says - and it will therefore probably be used more often in criminal trials than paternity cases, she predicts. 

Eurofins won't say publicly how much their test costs 

Other companies have said they can do something similar in the past, but for one reason or another it has never proved to be the breakthrough that police and prosecutors need. 

And there will always be some cases where no DNA test would be sufficient. 

In 2009, jewellery with a retail value of six million euros ($8.2m) was stolen from Berlin's KaDeWe department store. 

Traces of DNA were found in a glove found at the crime scene, and once again the DNA led police to twin brothers, who walked free. 

But even if police had been able to tell which one the DNA belonged to, they still might not have been able to get a conviction. 

The defence could have argued that even though the suspect had once worn the glove, someone else might have left it at the crime scene, and that neither of the twins was ever at the department store.

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