Atanu Ranjan Tripathy

Drama Crime


Atanu Ranjan Tripathy

Drama Crime

Save Money and Time for Future

Save Money and Time for Future

6 mins

Life has never been like that for him. It never was. It was smoother than most of his rich friends before he lost his job and more than the job, his father and brother in an accident. Sumit, a mechanical engineer has been working in a famous automobile company for the last five years and has been living with all the comforts and luxuries in life. He was not married yet not because there was a scarcity of girls but because he wanted to enjoy his life, free of bondage and responsibility. He was a free bird. His elder brother Sujit and his father Suraj Singh managed their family business of timbers in which they used to earn quite a lot. Timber was cheap and easily available for merchandise in the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh. They supplied timbers to most of the timber merchants all over the country. Everything was moving smoothly until that fateful day when his father and brother lost their lives in a car accident.

Sambit was still in doubt whether that was an accident or sabotage backed by a conspiracy. His father and brother were heavy boozers and he was very much aware of that. But he was also aware that his brother never drank when he had to drive even a short distance. He was equally confident about the capability of his brother as a driver. Sujit was an excellent driver in all conditions including the snow-covered slippery roads of Himachal. But bad luck could always be a factor in every accident.

For the last few months, his father and brother were under a lot of stress after they lost a part of their contract with the forest corporation of the state of Himachal. A seizure of a big consignment to Bengal also added fuel to the fire just two months before the accident. Some of their old reliable business partners had stopped their transactions with them citing various reasons in the past few months. Both the father and the son were really worried about the future of their business and also about the future of Sambit who used to be extravagant in spending money anytime anywhere.

On one occasion Suraj Singh said to his younger son, " look, son, now our financial condition has been deteriorating every other day and considering my growing age and the increasing competition in the business I can understand our good days are over. So please control your spending and give emphasis on saving something for your future and also the future of our family. You know I earned a lot, lived a life king size, booze a lot, spent a lot in parties and saved nothing. And now when my business is in a downward slide and I have been unsuccessful in recovering the tens of lakhs of rupees of debts from different merchants my financial crisis is worsening every day. During our good times when we used to earn lakhs of rupees, I advised your brother to save something for his future. But he never listened and always became an accomplice to my spending spree. Now son, be more careful and save for the future."

But Sambit also didn't take notice of the impending danger that his father had warned before his death. After their deaths, the conditions became more deplorable as several sundry creditors demanded their money giving proofs of unfinished business deals. Since Sambit never took interest in the business affairs of his family he was in complete darkness of the true pictures that were being projected to him. In the present scenario, he had no other option but to clear all debts as demanded by different finances who claimed to have financed the earlier business deals of his father and brother. Since he and his family were left with no savings he had to depend on the other assets of the family.

On the flipside of the coin, in the ongoing investigation for the unnatural deaths of the father-son duo, the police have accused Sambit as the prime suspect because he had the obvious motive of getting financial gains. This latest development put him in further trouble and he wasn't able to decide what to do. He had to come to the police station every alternative day to give his attendance until the investigation was over.

The financers we're putting a lot of pressure on him to get back their money. He was completely baffled by the way things were turning out to be. Finally, he decided to sell away all the landed property his family had to repay the debts. Though he couldn't get the accurate value for the lands he sold but the money somewhat relieved him from most of his debts. Later, when no other immovable assets were left he had to dispose of his mother's and sister-in-law's gold and jewelry to get rid of the creditors who were still to be paid. Even though he repaid all the loans of his father he was left with nothing. His mother and sister-in-law were also not very happy with the decision of selling away their gold and jewellery because that was the last hope for them to get Sujit's daughter married in the coming years. Now he was almost penniless since he was under suspension in his job after he was inflicted with the charges of murder. His friends and colleagues also refused to give him any kind of financial help.

There was nobody in the world to extend his or her helping hand towards him. Exasperated, dejected he wished to end his own life. His mother tried to console him but he was at his wit's end. Sitting alone in a corner of his room he tried to recollect the days of his past when he had splurged thousands of rupees for useless reasons. When his friends used the last penny for saving in their piggy banks he spent everything that came his way. Neither his parents, not his elder brother ever taught him the importance of saving and the perils of extravaganza. Now he had to spend sleepless nights to arrange a few hundred rupees to feed his family of four including himself. But that was life and he knew the blunder he did by spending carelessly when they had sufficiently and also ignored the importance of saving.

The next morning he was awakened by the police siren. After the investigations, they found no conclusive evidence of his involvement in the case of unnatural deaths of his father & brother. He was acquitted of all the charges against him.

Later Sambit rejoined his job and his family was saved from a complete disaster. In the next month when he received his salary he went to the nearest bank to open 4 different savings accounts for all the four members of his family including himself.

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