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Paint Me With Hues Of Rainbow

Paint Me With Hues Of Rainbow

6 mins

Life itself is a combination of a plethora of colours. It has been laced with happiness, satisfaction, ambition, zeal, interest, passion, achievements, glory, contentment, disappointment, frustration, failures, sorrow, predicament, separation, enmity, diseases and the last but not the least the death. Every individual gets the taste of all or most of this multitude of colours of life at different stages of his or her life. Everyone gets his own share as allotted and fixed by the most enigmatic and powerful destiny. No one, however powerful, shrewd or affluent can avert the precise quota of these different aspects of life.

Rajneesh was a charismatic young man who was driven by an ambitious passion to achieve something big in his life. He was a brilliant student, a good sportsman, a fine actor and an average painter. With all these attributes in his kitty and the encouragement, he received from his parents, teachers and elders he always moved ahead towards a very successful career. After finishing high school he joined a very prestigious college and there also performed in an extraordinary manner to top not only his college but the university also. After the culmination of his academic career, he joined as a junior scientist in the Institute of Physics and was placed under the tutelage of a very famous physicist, Dr Swaminathan Murthy. He completed his doctorate degree in space physics under the guidance of Dr Murthy.

His life took a dramatic turn when he got married to a junior scientist, Ragini Mukherjee who was a close associate in all his research work. With a joint venture, they published a theory which was very highly acclaimed the world over and consequently they received an offer from the MIT to work as research assistants to a famous space physicist. Dr Rajneesh immediately joined his new assignment but Ragini stayed back as she was carrying. The old parents of Dr Rajneesh were never satisfied with their only son's decision to join a foreign institution but Ragini promised to remain with them and help them in their last few years of lives.

Meanwhile, Dr Rajneesh became one of the most recognised scientists not only in MIT but also in every part of the world. He often travelled to attend lectures and address young students in different institutions, universities and seminars organised by different organisations in different parts of the world. On one such trip, a young girl who claimed herself as a student of a university of Kualalampur became a secret follower of him and followed him to most places. Her secret adventures were soon detected by a journalist who was a great admirer of Dr Rajneesh. The lady journalist blew the news and subsequently, a sensational scandal became the headlines of every print and electronic media. However, the journalist had no such intention to defame the scientist but the eventual outcome was very detrimental for Dr Rajneesh.

On the other side of the coin, Ragini was deeply perturbed by the scandal and tried her best to mend the unwanted situation. But to make matters worse Dr Rajneesh was kidnapped from his hotel room from the heart of the city of London where he had gone to address a seminar in the university of wales. Despite serious efforts by the Royal police force, the Scotland Yard and the M5 &M6 personal no positive reports about the scientist's whereabouts or his cause of sudden disappearance could be established.

15 years passed and nothing came to the knowledge of the family, friends and the entire fraternity of scientists regarding the missing scientist. Only some sporadic media reports, especially by the controversial lady journalist, attracted the world about the secret abduction of Dr Rajneesh.

Meanwhile, Ragini had given birth to a baby son and a few years later the old parents of Dr Rajneesh died due to the massive shock they received after the disappearance of their famous son. Now, Ragini and her 13-year-old son live in the native city of Bengaluru with a gigantic hole in hole hearts but always with a hope that something positive will come out one day. In the last 15 years, no terrorist organisation has claimed their involvement in the mysterious disappearance of the scientist. However, some media houses claimed to own the news about the present whereabouts of the scientist which were eventually proven as blatant lies. Some even scandalised the issue by claiming to see the scientist in a secret hideout with his controversial girlfriend which was subsequently proved to be false and fabricated stories.

But on a fine day, to her utter surprise, Ragini received a letter addressed to her from an address in Istanbul. The letter was posted on 5th of March, 1997 and was signed by none other than the missing scientist, DrRajneesh. There were only 10 lines of some very important information about his current position and his incidental disappearance and the probable cause of his kidnapping.

Dear Ragini,

Take utmost care while you go through the contents of this letter and don't allow anyone to see it except the officials of Intelligence Bureau or RAW.

I was kidnapped from my hotel room by some unidentified members of a terrorist organization and transported to an unknown destination by a cargo ship.

The language they used seemed to me to be the language of a neighbouring country which I can't disclose here.

Since the day of my abduction, I was under the strict surveillance of top-grade security of a country. Where I was kept as a captive, probably was an underground bunker. The higher officially often visited my room where I had the freedom of using everything including a computer but the internet connection to it was censored. The officials on most occasions pressurised me to assist their country to build a cryogenic engine which can be used in a space ship or an ICBM. In the last two years, they gave me all kinds of rough treatment when they felt that I was never going to cooperate with their malicious interest.

Just two days before I was able to escape from their captivity with the help of the same lady journalist who created the biggest controversy of my life. Some higher officials of the security were handsomely bribed to obtain my release by the lady which she said was an act of repentance for her. Both of us are now in a secret hideout in Istanbul and hope to sneak into the Indian territory within a couple of days. Hopefully, I shall join you in the coming week.

Wish you all the best on the eve of Holi, the festival of colours. I hope all of us, Papa, Mama and you will celebrate Holi this year. I will like to be painted with all the colours in the world with your lovely hands. Bye. Yours Rajneesh.

Ragini couldn't believe herself or her eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She started dialling some of her friends in the ministry of Home and Ministry of external affairs.

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