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Deepti Khanna


Certain Things

Certain Things

2 mins

Allured by certain objects, our heart quenches when we get them. Human nature doesn't get the slightest fraction of satisfaction. We are running around the glittering sectors.

"Freedom" the word brings a sense of bliss.

At the time of Lockdown imprisoned in our dens  I felt the breeze as I creeped out in the night, and got freeze.

 My heart wanted to visit Gurudwara, to pay homage and gratitude to my lord. But, my attraction towards my freedom, bought tears in my eyes.

Hunger and poverty were lingering on the footpath . These things which we tress pass in our daily routine were scratching my insight into beautiful lives of years 

The Gurudwara is ten miles away from my hide, but I hardly could drive to reach middle of these ten miles. All this while we were taught social distance, and at that time of the night, I saw hundreds of people sleeping together on paths.

Their clothes were torn. What they were left hardly cover their private parts. Young toddlers were peeping in bins to fill their stomachs.

I was taken back, what I have to donate at gurudwara I gave in small hands. I was attracted by the freedom to be free but attacked by the line between realities and my dreams.

I drove back to my hide, switched off the lights, and thanked God for giving me this beautiful life.

"Stay home stay safe" and help the ones who are living in their graves. Lockdown has taken away people's job, poverty is throbbing in the hearts of our country lot. If we have rupee hundred in our hand at least give ten to a needy


My god says instead of giving donations in religious places, why can't we bring smiles in needy faces. Maintain social distance with love to our loving citizens, giving mask, and giving food of one hour, will help a lot.

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