Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Fantasy

Bhanugarh- The Story Untold

Bhanugarh- The Story Untold

3 mins

Bhanugarh is a small country town.

Most of the people there are kindhearted.

Or at least that’s how they pretend to be in front of strangers and foreigners visiting their town or stopping by while crossing to the other side.

If you happen to be passing by their town and decide to halt for some time- I suggest that you don’t. Especially late at night after 7 pm until it is the next morning till 4 am.

On any normal day you can find a Bhangarian male chewing tobacco for all day long and squirting it out here and there and anywhere and everywhere they can find.

But this is not a normal deed. Chewing tobacco in Bhanugarh is a custom, and squirting it out is a rare skill. It requires a lot of practice on a Bhangarian’s part.

You can easily find any Bhangarian men engaged in a tobacco squirting competition any time of the day.

If you ask any Bhangarian, he would gleefully, with his mouthful of tobacco, tell you this, – “The trick, you see, the trick to squirt the hell of tobacco out of your mouth and to the farthest distance is– This………..See, it is easy.”

A Bhangarian can never explain it to you in words, but can only show you. The trick, if you watch closely (keeping enough distance to make sure you don’t get the stains of tobacco on your face), is to keep your two fingers vertically on your lips, with a little gap between them but not much- take a long breathe in- hold it for minimum ten seconds- and with all the might blow the whistle and let the jet of tobacco flow from the narrow gap between the fingers.

Though it looks easy, but an amateur can easily stain his clothes and hands, and can get a slap, a punch or a kick on his face, stomach or bump for staining the face of another Bhangarian in the process. It is okay to stain the clothes though.

A Bhangarian woman is not allowed to chew tobacco. It is considered as a sin. It has got nothing to do with the tobacco. They can, if they so will to, chew tobacco. But then they have to swallow it down their throat. They are not allowed to squirt it out of their mouth. Squirting out is sin.

But the modern aged Bhangarian have now molded the law a little to their women’s advantage.

Now squirting out tobacco is not a sin as long as it is not direct, as long as it is indirect.  A Bhangarian women can now chew tobacco, and then squirt it out in his husbands mouth through direct lip to lip contact; or by placing two fingers vertically with a slight gap, in between their lips. The husband can then squirt it out of his mouth in the opening anywhere he wishes to do so.

It was a big revolution in the lives of Bhangarian women, at least the married ones and with minimum one husband with whom they can chew tobacco and seek the pleasure of squirting it out in his mouth.

However chewing and squirting tobacco is one of the important things worth noticing about Bhangarians. But this is not everything. There are other things taking place in Bhanugarh, which anyone passing by there must know (so that they may consider changing their mind)- The things worth mentioning about Bhanugarh and the kindhearted tobacco chewing people of the country.

But perhaps this is not the right time to discuss about them….

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