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Heena Shah

Tragedy Classics Inspirational children


Heena Shah

Tragedy Classics Inspirational children

An Unusual Love Story

An Unusual Love Story

2 mins 278 2 mins 278

Prachi Miss was a primary supervisor at a reputed school, loved her students like her own.

Gentle and caring was her nature, this was one of her best feature.

A couple of years back, fate gave her a whack, results of biopsy of a tumour, left her in a shiver.

But she was a brave heart, decided to take the 'cancer' head-on from the start! 

Prachi Miss fought till her last breath, ever-smiling never complaining, chemo after chemo, losing all her hair in the flow.

Unfortunately, even after popping every medicine prescribed, going through the therapies as described, she lost her battle to the brutal 'C' after a long fight!

The impact of her love on little Shaneya, all of 8 years, was so strong, the child couldn't fathom that she was already gone!

Shaneya was still in grief, was wondering how do I get back my teacher she was miffed...

One day a barber had come home, father wanted a haircut of his own.

A random thought crossed this innocent Shaneya's mind and quickly she decided to donate all her hair for a suffering child.

After a little talk with the barber and her parents, she decided to shave off all her beautiful tresses in a moment.

Extremely relieved she felt, a noble deed she did, more than anything, she overcame her grief!H

How could a mother be left behind, to accompany her daughter's cause, Sharon too went all bald.

Following their lead, my daughter Preesha too joined the noble deed, trimmed off her beautiful long locks, donated them and showed, it's the action that talks.

Now there was hair not from one, but three beautiful bold ladies, ready to be weaved into wigs.

Wigs, which would give not only hair, but the confidence to those who lost them in a chemo.

Their strength and love passed on to those who will cherish it the most.

This courageous gesture is beyond words to express, this is an unusual love story of a student, Shaneya and her teacher Prachi Miss, full of innocence and kindness.

It is a celebration of Prachi Miss' life.

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