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Kezia Thompson

Comedy Drama Romance


Kezia Thompson

Comedy Drama Romance

An Unexpected Stranger

An Unexpected Stranger

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Mary was your average girl. Young, vibrant and full of energy. She was always an inquisitive soul and was always ready to learn. It was therefore no surprise when she won a scholarship and was accepted into one of the most prestigious universities. However, coming from a little humble town to such a university was such a drastic change that her mother was worried.

"Mary are you sure this is what you want?" her mother asked kneeing down as she folded a shirt placing it into the suitcase. Her mother wanted this for her and knew just how hard she worked for it, but in this moment, her fear for Mary's survival in the big city was clouding her judgement. 

"Mom what if I never get another opportunity like this again? I want to make you and dad proud, you've done so much for me and given so much to me that the least I can do is secure a good education that can provide me with a stable job so I will be able to give back to you guys in the future" Mary was so thoughtful.

"All set and ready to go?" Dad called from the doorway. "I can't believe I have to watch my little girl go." He sniffed as if becoming emotional overwhelmed

"Dad...please don't start. Mom's barely hanging in least wait till I'm gone, then you two can have a right to morn" She gave them a warming smile. "After all" she continued "that should give you enough time to get me a little brother or sister by the time I return"

Laughter filled the air. Mary knew she had successfully lightened the mood. Now she just had to hurry up and leave before the gloom returned. 

The ride to the airport was anything but quiet. Mary kept the car lively with stories, jokes, music, literally anything that would pose as a good distraction till she reached the airport. 

This would be her first time without her parents but she knew her purpose and wasn't willing to let anything or anyone sidetrack her from her goals.

After reaching the airport, Mary had to make a calculated transition before her parents broke down in tears. She knew if that happened, she would be of little help to them since she was leaving, plus it would signal those hidden tears within her to flow, which she knew would be next to impossible to control once started. She managed to execute her plan just before one stray tear left her dad's eyes. She was saved, but now she felt the emptiness as she walked further away from the entrance. 

"I will succeed and make them proud, I must do this for me, I must do this for them" Her reassuring words lodged deep within her mind as her main driving force.

A two hour plane ride later landed her in the big city. "Time to make my dreams a reality" she whispered stepping out of the plane into the fresh air. The school had arranged transportation as well as housing for her, so she knew she would be well taken care of.

"Good day. Are you Ms. Gonsalve"

"Yes, I am". She smiled as she gazed at the black limousine parted in front of her.

"Ok, this way please" he pointed.

Mary walked to the passengers seat pulling the handle of the door to enter.

"Hey! Who authorised you to lay your hands on my vehicle" a voice scolded from behind.

Mary looked around searching for the origin of the voice. Panic swept over her when she realized that the guy who had so graciously taken her suitcase from her was waiting by a car behind.

"Who even are you?" The voice sounded both angrier and closer now.

She faced the direction of the voice. Mary involuntary gasped. She could not believe her eyes. A tall, muscular guy suited in a white dress shirt and black pants stood now face to face with her. He was the epitome of handsome. His arched eyebrow indicated that he was waiting for an answer to his question but Mary was so lost in his beauty that for a minute, all else paled in comparison.

He snapped his fingers jolting her back to reality.

"Look, you don't need to tell me who you are, just get from my car" His voice laced with irritation.

Mary quickly jumped out of his way hanging her head.

"Way to embarrass yourself" she muttered to herself as she made her way to her designated car.

As she travelled, she couldn't help thinking of the handsome stranger she ran into. Those weren't the ideal circumstances she would have chosen for such a meeting and now she had fully embarrassed herself. Hopefully they'll never have to meet again. 

"We are here Ms. Gonsalve"

The car pulled into an elite neighborhood. Houses like mansions lined the gap. 

Mary got out grabbing her bags while the chauffeur assisted with her suitcase. He helped her settle in before bidding her farewell and leaving. Mary stood in awe gazing at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. 

"Hey you must be the new girl?" 

Mary turned to see three other girls walking down the steps. 

"Hi, I'm Mary" she introduced

"I am Courtney, this is Mia and this is Jesse. We were just heading out to go to the shop down town. You want to come?"

"Maybe next time" Mary smiled as she waved the girls good bye.

After finding her sleeping quarters and unpacking her bags, she called to let her parents know she had made it safely. By the time the conversation ended the room was echoing with whimpering. Mary wiped her eyes, stood up and decided to leave the house for some fresh air. 

Outside was beautiful and peaceful. She extended her arm allowing her body to relax into a good long stretch, which was suddenly interrupted as an enraged tone shattered the silence.

"Are you stalking me now?"

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