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Annesha Chatterjee

Romance Tragedy Thriller


Annesha Chatterjee

Romance Tragedy Thriller

An Unexpected Date

An Unexpected Date

6 mins 275 6 mins 275

"Hey, all the best for your date girl," said Manjini.

* screams * "Man, I don't look good. I am not even sure if I should really go and meet him", said, Asmita. 

Asmita Sehgil, a 27-year-old woman who is currently working as a CEO in her father's company. With a count of 7 short-termed relationships in the past, she's all set to go for her date. Well, a blind date to be precise. Funny how technology has rapidly replaced the beautiful concepts of love letters or seeing each other in real with blind dates and you know dates where people meet for the first time without even knowing each other and they are forced to be comfortable with each other. Asmita is never worried about her life. She was born with silver spoon in mouth. No, not really papa ki pari but she's the only daughter of her parents and to some extent a spoiled one. 

She plugs in earphones and calls for an Uber. Yes, not to forget that...I think I'll reveal this secret later in the story.

Hey, can you hear the heart beats of Asmita, beating faster and faster with time? Well, I can. 

"Babyjii, we reached Shalimaar Restaurant," said the driver. 

Asmita got down from her car and walked into the 5 star restaurant of Delhi, with her heart pounding. It's her first ever blind date and that too she was forced by her friends to give a "try" atleast. Staring at the window she was waiting for her secret date to arrive and comfort her. 

"Hey, Asmita?," says the tall, 28 year old Maths Professor of Delhi University. 

"Yes, I am Asmita. and you're...."

"Rohit, Rohit Sharma," says Rohit before Asmita could complete her sentence.

"So, Hello Asmita, Rohit Sharma here. I am a professor at Delhi University."

"Hello Rohit. Nice to meet you. You know me already I guess."

"Haha ofcourse CEO jii."

"Hahaha Rohit, please. I was so nervous about this whole thing you know. I have never been on a blind date before you know."

"Yeah, same actually. Fun fact, I've never been on a date. This is my first."

"Oh, I see," said Asmita.

"So, shall we just order something And then continue the chitchat maybe?"

"Yes yes sure. Waiter?"

"Yes ma'am. May I take your order?", says the waiter. 

"One cold coffee for me" said both of them at the same time. 

* Awkward silence *

"Rohit, a cold coffee for you as well?"

"Yes yes. Waiter, 2 cold coffees please."

" Sure sir", says the waiter.

After having an awkward moment, both of them bursted out of laughter. 

"I can't believe we are having similar choices," said Rohit. 

"I feel you. Even I was thinking the same and look how we are having similar thoughts as well."

"Haha yes. So, why did you chose me? I mean there are millions of people and you know, you chose me?"

"Honestly, my friends forced me to experience this blind date. Please don't mind. I like you, I do like you but before that I was so nervous. May I ask you something, Rohit?"

"Yes yes sure, go ahead."

"Were you serious about the thing, that this is your first date? I mean you have never been on a date. But why?"

" Yes, I am serious this is my first ever date. Just like your friends forced me, my mom forced me to settle down as soon as possible and find a girl for myself so you know, here I am."

" Oh I see. But why have you never been on dates before? You're good looking, attractive, charming. "

" I never really got the time. Well, I don't have a father. My mother worked really hard day and night to educate me and I always wished to stand on my own feet and make her feel proud."

"Even I don't have a mother, Rohit. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 2 years old. Do you mind, if I ask you what happened to your dad?"

"My dad left my mother. This is the only thing I am aware of. "

"I am sorry, I didn't..."

"No it's okay, Asmita"

* Phone rings *

"Yes Maa, everything is going well. Okay Maa sure, you already have the address right? Okay done," says Rohit to her Maa. 

" Was that your mother?"

"Yes, actually she's coming here. I hope you're okay with it. I am having the keys and she forgot the keys in the home so she'll just ..."

"No problem at all, Rohit. Infact I would love to meet her."

* Phone rings *

"Just a minute Rohit, it's my dad, excuse me."

"Yes dad, yes yes. But I am outside. Okay, I'll meet you near the paan shop then? Okay, dad. Love you," says Asmita.

"Now don't tell me your dad is also coming, Ashu? We are clicking since morning, first the coffee choice and then our mom and dad coming together."

" Haha exactly Rohit. Yes actually he needs a sign on an important document so you know.."

* After 5 mins *

"Seems like my mom is here, Ashu, give me a minute. I'll be right back."

" Wait, my dad is also here, I called him near the paan shop, behind the restaurant."

" Oh great! Let's go there together then. I called my mom in the same place."

* They reach the paan shop and saw their parents standing together. *

"Oh look, there's my mom."

"....and my dad."

"Dad, this is Rohit."

" Maa, I am glad you forced me to go on a date. Meet, Ashu, sorry. Asmita Sehgil."

* Awkward silent *

*Dad, what happened why aren't you saying something. Aunty is everything fine?, said Asmita.

Mr Sehgil: Asmita, how do you know him?

Ms. Sharma: Rohit, do you even know, who she is? Do you have any idea?

* Asmita and Rohit, staring at each other with blank faces *

Mr Sehgil: Asmita Sehgil, Rohit Sharma is none other than your brother and this lady whom you called aunty, she's your mother. 

Your mother and I got divorced when you both were 2 years old. Things weren't working out and we had to. 

Ms Sharma: And I went back to use my surname in order to survive in this cruel world, which is cruel enough for a divorced lady like me. 

* Asmita and Rohit were shocked. Their whole world crashed down and out of the blue, they met their parents and ending up in a blind date, being brother and sister. *

Asmita's father was so busy in building his company that he could never give time to his daughter. Asmita as a result turned out to be a spoiled kid with the silver spoon. She never got to know the real meaning of what is called struggle. On the other hand, Rohit was completely opposite. His mother worked hard day and night to educate and feed her son after being left alone, divorced by her husband. She made her son capable of standing on his own feet and realising the value of hard work and struggle. If Asmita is the north pole, Rohit is the south pole. Unequal poles attract each other and guess what? They did. Life and fate played well. Life brought them together and fate brought their parents together. Life's so unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen. Who knew that an unexpected, forced date (from both the sides) will turn the world of two families upside down. Life is unpredictable and it doesn't matter how we plan. Isn't it? You never know what is going to happen out of the blue. 

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