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Noorahmed attar

Drama Classics Inspirational

An Odd Birthday

An Odd Birthday

2 mins

As old as it gets,

The tale we gonna tell ourselves,

Maybe the future looks quite bleak,

But who are we to predict,

I haven't had a lot of time thinking about the time we spent,

You have no idea how much that I miss.

You have been weird sometimes,

And there was a sense of losing this friendship,

I don't believe in forever,

Maybe I thought of you as an asshole,

I cursed you in many ways, 

And then that messed up my head,

There are many seconds in life,

Not everything is blood-related kind,

We gonna get tossed around,

By the time and unwanted crowd,

The strange thing is there is always been this bond,

even when both of us were uptight and acted like a hound,

I should stop talking,

But I have made a habit of writing,

I understand I am quite late,

But birthdays wishes can be belated,

There is a hole in my head,

But you haven't gotten away,

I loved your short stay,

You got me through some of the difficult days,

I would have killed you like a year ago,

But I do not want to see your dead body anyhow, 

I believe you and I, gonna stick together,

Looks like you gonna deal with this over and over,

Maybe get a violin,

Because I am a mosquito and gonna hum in your ear.

A little complicated possibly,

It was your birthday and we know life is never gonna be easy 

So wishing you in some random poem that might not have many rhymes,

But maybe, call me sometime, 

And let's talk about life just like old times

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