Noorahmed attar

Drama Romance Fantasy


Noorahmed attar

Drama Romance Fantasy

The Closet

The Closet

2 mins

Flipping was never a plan,

Occurred one summer,

Daylight blazing and his mesmerizing eyes,

he ran to greet me, I hid behind my mom,

he watched me curiously,


His dreamy look, my worried face,

Our hands met for a few seconds,

he would hold it long to invoke my feelings,

Never hoped to get along,

He kept pestering a lot of time,

Even when ignored,

he doesn't understand,

he was madly in love, 

Crushing on me often, 

sniffing my hair,

Looking in my eyes,

trying to get rid of him,

I got myself a girlfriend,

He was jealous,

Wondering his love was stolen, 

Struggling to be a boyfriend,

I need a boy not a girl

Denying sexuality,

Afraid to come out,

I continued to pretend,

I could not love the girl,

And I wished for that boy,

I started peeling my heart,

Just to look at his sky, 

He was hurt because I had no guts,

I was petrified and was happy being closet,

He withdrew completely, 

Dismissed me like I always preferred,

Ignorance started to bother me,

He laughed with some other,

Never looking back ever,

felt something changed,

The boy I hated, the one I couldn't stand,

Started wanting him,

Like lemonade in summer,

Sinful of all my doings,


Reached him for an apology,

He washed it off like it never counted,

Made me suffer all day,

annual day,

Grew the courage,

Sat in front of the mirror,

Rehearsed the poem,

Expecting to be Shakespeare,

He was my Romeo and I wanted to be the same.

Made fun of myself in front of a school,

Embarrassed him and came out in front of thousands,

Tried many ways to speak,

Nothing helped but just the defeat,

Took a deep breath,

Adamant to prove,

Pure love drowning my soul,

Knocked on his door, 

Started singing in my ugly voice,

Below his balcony like Romeo tried,

he opened the window, wiping his cheeks,

Puffy eyes, the hurt he endured,

he smiled looking through me,

As the sky started to pour,

Lightning threatening my stand,

Head over heels in love,

I flipped just like never planned

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