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Bharath Kumar

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Age is just a Number

Age is just a Number

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I have been taught only to move forward

It will be a miracle if I go backward

When I start from zero I am called a child

I am so immature I don't know how to operate in the world

As I grow I can sense the flow of hot blood

When I am too old I struggle to eat even a bread

Girls hate me when I grow

Because I dim their glow

Some are unlucky as I don't stay with them longer

Some curse me as I stick with them longer

I keep some young even if I grow old

I keep some old even if I am young

If people understand my importance,

They will learn life's essence

I don't know why people lie about me

That indicates they don't respect me

My name is your age

My presence in your life is huge

Age is just a number

That people never forget to remember

I hate when people point me as an excuse

If you love me I will be your powerhouse

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