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A True Liberty

A True Liberty

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One fine day somewhere in Bastar district, the children of Aryan public school began a day of excursion to a forest range to see marshy lands, tiger trails and bird sanctuary tour.

Headed for forest, the school bus bumped into another bus coming over a curvy mountain and it stroked very strongly, flipped over and caught fire. All the children in the bus along with teachers were killed in the accident.

After half an hour, one boy got some sense and he unstuck himself from the bus. He saw all his friends and teacher were dead. He sat there and started crying. He saw people around and the strange faces that scared him. He ran away from the crowd to other side of the road. One van was coming with an orange flag with some strange sign on it.

The van stopped and saw that boy with blood on his head and all-over his dress. They talked for a while. One guy came out of the van and said, "Come with we take to your home." He was not sure but sat with them in hope of reaching his home.

The van moved to the forest area near Bastar district. The orange flag with a sign seen all over the places. He came out of the van and saw people in same outfits as in the van holding rifles in their hands.

He asked to one guy, "Where is my family?" The comrade told him, "You are not alone now.These people you see are your family. You can live here now." He ran away from the place and started crying. He said, "I want to go home."

Later, the boy woke up and found himself in a small tent. The comrade requested him to have some food but he refused. Months went by. The boy then accepted that there is no way out of that place.

The leader of comrades ordered to start the training of the boy. He was 13 years old when he first took a rifle in his hand. He learned how to make and plant bombs, the armed combat training, guerrilla tactics, how to ambush police patrols and attack police posts.

"On behalf of the honorable Chief Minister, Mr.Kedarnath Chouhan, I appreciate you all to present offhand. I come straight to the agenda of this meeting. Last week, the unexpected Naxal attack on the CRPF jawans and the people of village in Sukma district raised a question of security for them and for whole state. The Chief minister and the Chief of police reached to the conclusion to accept the demands of Naxalites to stop them to strike further in other parts of Chhattisgarh. I would request CM sir to brief you about the operation", said the Deputy Commissioner Sadhu.

" We are going negotiate on the demands of Naxalites and meet their Cheif Arundai. We have planned to send our officers and Sadhu Dharamadhikari leading the team as per my orders. I want to assure the safety of our people and the peace in the state", CM affirms.

"Officers you may all leave now, except Sadhu", requested the CM.

"Sadhu, I know it's difficult for you to take charge of duty and discourse with Arundai. But you know why I chose you to lead this operation. I only want law and order in place and safety" of state.

"I will not disappoint you Sir", assured Sadhu.

A comrade entered the caravan where Arundai was sitting and recollect the day he joined the movement. He was far from his family for decades. Now, the day had come when he was going to meet his father after ages.

Comrade said, "Company is waiting for you presence." Arundai joined his comrades in fete and delivered a thanks speech to his comrades for the support and struggle they put all years to get this moment of freedom.

He put his rifle and flag and waved towards the sky and screamed; "Hail Liberation"

While en-route to the Sukma Naxal base for meeting, Sadhu remembered the day he came to know that his son was alive when the first police patrolling in Bastar district was bombed by Naxal and him as leader.

Sadhu and his team reached Sukma district and entered the Naxal area. There was silence on the roads of the forest. The comrades were seen deployed every half kilometer with flags and rifles. Comrades welcomed Deputy Commissioner and his team. Sadhu handed over the documents and negotiate terms papers to the leader.

Arundai checked all the papers and stared at the Sadhu. He requested to discus in person.

That was not considered and consent as per laws, replied lawyer.

Commissioner alluded his lawyer and went inside for discussion. Sadhu and Arundai looked into each other eyes. The Sadhu eyes were filled with tears.

"I don't know what you consider me today either a police officer or a father. But I came here as an officers who is on duty to settle the issues so people live in peace and feel protected",said Sadhu.

"Whatever be your role today, but I have always see you as my father", replied Arundai.

"You please surrender and leave all this. You will be charged with nothing. I would assure that you will be freeman", said Sadhu.

"First time when I came here, all these people were strangers to me. But after spending 13 years of my life with them, I see these people as my family. I want freedom for my people. Accept all the demand of comrades, then I assure of no deadly activities happening and I will surrender to you", replied Arundai.

They came outside. Arundai affirmed to his comrades that all their demands had been accepted and they all were free now. But he will have to surrender to the police.

Sadhu arrested Arundai and put him into the police van. On the way, He snatched the pistol from one of the officer and moved backwards, shouted, "Hail Liberation" and shot himself dead.

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