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A Superhero!

A Superhero!

4 mins

I was a naughty boy at a young age. I used to trouble my mom at times. But she always told me with patience that troubling others is not a good thing!!

My father tried a different approach whenever I commit any mistake. One day when I was about to eat crayon at the age of 6, he said to me "Rather than eating it, you can make a potato fritter of one such kind (crayon shape) and dip it in sauce and eat. Crayon will not help you to subside your hunger or cravings. They are quite dangerous you know. You may end up on hospital bed with an injection administered to you by doctor uncle!" and gave a grinning look.

I apologised to him. He understood that he has to keep me occupied all the time. Then he guided me on a spiritual path as my thirst for knowledge at that young age was beyond their expectations. They often said my energy keeps dissipating in various directions. I wanted to try new things and learn from experiences. Trying to eat crayons was one such. They helped gain concentration by employing weird ways. They asked me to do sit-ups in front of Lord Ganesha every day. Strangely this helped me though!!

They said me to worship Lord Rama. When I asked them "Why?" They said "Even lord Hanuman who was quite naughty like you worshipped him and became a superhero saving others just like Lord Shree Ram! If you also worship, then you can also become a superhero by helping needy people."

I was fascinated by the word 'Super hero' and was asking god daily to please make me one soon.

One day, it so happened that one of my relations visited our home. He had a court hearing of his land dispute. Court passed judgement and he returned our home with distress and a heavy heart as it was not in his favour. Then, all of a sudden, goons came and started taunting and warning him not to put another appeal in the high court by standing near the entrance gate of our home.

The relative said, "I will. You occupied my land forcibly. Your boss has won at the district court. But I will fight against your boss and win at High court."

Goons barged into our gate with incense anger. They started bad-mouthing him which led to a heated argument between them and my uncle for some time. When one of the goons was grabbed my uncle's neck, we flinched. My uncle trembled. They decided to thrash him.

A police siren was heard and goons got alerted. They started running in vain as they got easily caught by police immediately. This incident became proof and evidence for the court that they occupied our relative's land forcibly. This time he got a favourable verdict and thanked god and left happily to his hometown.

My mom approached me when I was busily waving my hand and yelling goodbye. "How did you get the idea of calling the police when we could not as tension and tear clouded our thoughts?" she asked.

I said, "I saw in the movies and dad taught me when we are in such trouble, we have to call the police. So, I escaped from their sight and called the police for help without getting noticed by them"

"We are proud of you today. You saved us and became a superhero" said, my father puffing his chest with pride.

I asked them "How did I become a Superhero? I did not fight with them. I did not fly in the air or had any superpowers to use. Then, how can I be a superhero?"

They laughed and said, "Superhero is not only the one who uses physical strength or superpowers to save needy ones. But he is also the one who uses his mental ability and wits to smartly solve the issue and help the needy"

I introspected and thought "Oh nice! I used my brainpower. I am a superhero!" I hugged them dearly.

We celebrated that day where my parents were very happy seeing my transformation from a naughty one to a responsible kid and inclination towards a righteous path.


The End.

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