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My Dream!

My Dream!

5 mins

"Please! Can you give me one last chance? I will prove my worth. Convince your parents" requested Anu with watery eyes.

"You always do this. I can't support you anymore in this matter, Anu. Stop building castles in the air. I don't want to argue with you. It's been a while and we are talking and kept on talking about this persistent issue. Why don't you make up your mind to give up?" questioned her husband Varun, in low voice.

"Varun! Please try to understand. I want to become an author. It's my dream yet to be fulfilled. I am trying hard to balance my passion and personal life. I am taking care of our little girl pretty well. I just need a helping hand at times when I am sick or feeling low. It has got nothing to do with my story writings" Anu said with tear-filled eyes.

"No! You are working full time, juggling your story write-ups with raising our child. My parents are not liking it. They strictly advised me to... To stop you from fooling around. They think you are wasting your time on unnecessary stuff which is of no use. Think wise Anu! If you will put the same time and effort into a white-collar job, then you would have achieved greater success" Varun's voice raised as he started venting his helplessness. Anu was taken aback and kept rubbing her palms.

Seeing Anu in tension, he exhaled deeply. Rubbing his forehead in distress, "What have you achieved by writing stories and taking part in so many competitions? Don't show me that participation certificate you had got once! You can't pacify me or anyone forever showing that one participation certificate. You had never got prize money even after you had put in a lot of effort. I think writing is not your cup of tea. Take up a decent job and earn a fixed salary like me. At least, I can convince my parents by showing them your monthly payslip. Then, they will allow you to take part in writing competitions without taunting and troubling you. Daily, you take an hour for writing. What say? Do something that gives you some beneficiary return" Varun advised and frowned badly at her.

"And what about my happiness and self-satisfaction Varun? The beneficiary need not always implicate money" she raised her concern.

"Aren't you living happily with me and our family? Do you want more than this?" Varun said with a perplexed look.

"Yes! I want more than this in my life. My self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Everything you do in life doesn't fetch you monetary benefit. Tell me one thing honestly Varun. Did you love me and marry me seeing my financial status and my earlier job?" Anu spoke in a crackling voice.

"No! Don't relate money with my love. I truly love you. When you first told me that you want to write articles, stories and become an author, I was the one who stood by your side against my parents to support you. But now it's been one long year, you had neither got recognition nor rewards for your published works. I am unable to prove to them that you are capable of writing a great story. Whenever they overlook you, don't you feel de-motivated and dejected? Why don't you give up for time being?" Varun gasped for air.

"Because I don't want to. I am not here to prove to someone that I am the best among the crowd. I am what I am! You loved me for what I am. Try to understand me before judging me. I want to become an author, Varun! Do you remember our child couldn't talk like others at her young age?"

"Yes, I do remember! Now, why are you bringing her into this argument?"

"Relax. Listen to me. Few made fun of our child while few took pity on her after seeing her speech impairment. The rest of them either encouraged or discouraged her. She took two years to speak without stammering and she didn't fumble after trying to correct her speech cautiously whenever she made a mistake. She practised regularly. She struggled a lot but didn't give up. Her hard work and willpower paid off. She is my motivation. Today, I may not be the one on your best author's list but for someone someday I may be on their best author's list. I am not going to give up my dream" she cried her heart out with determination reflecting in her eyes.

Varun realised his mistake of hurting her with his behaviour. He empathised with her situation and felt guilty for ill-treating her by coming under stress.

"I am sorry. I take back my words that inflicted pain upon you. I am ready to support you not for this time but for lifelong. I quit judging you. Take your time and come up with a good plot for your new story. I will talk to my parents convincingly and make them understand your goals. They won't trouble you anymore in this matter. I will become your moral support just like how I supported our little girl in a time of need" he spoke softly and tapped her shoulder.

"I may not attain success that you defined but I will for sure, attain success that I redefined. Success is the term that can be measured by our self-satisfaction. If you are not self-satisfied by your victory, then no matter how much ever others say you have gained success, it doesn't mean so!" Anu tried to explain to him the essence of success and smiled to cheer him up.

Varun nodded and gave a side hug to her. "Don't forget to work hard and improve by referring learning resources like my daughter" he winked at her. Anu chuckled and nodded in agreement.


The End.

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