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Miss Komal Sanjay Sawalakhe

Romance Inspirational


Miss Komal Sanjay Sawalakhe

Romance Inspirational

A secret Date:-)

A secret Date:-)

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Getting up early followed by morning ambulation and rushing towards the kitchen is the ideal routine for any woman in India irrespective of your marital status and I am no different. Young, dynamic, working girls stuck between 9 to 5 job and searching desperately for inner peace.

    It was one such usual boring Monday with no spark, starting at me, asking me to get up and start my day. I surrendered myself After enjoying my weekend with my roommates. I made my bed, took a bath, had my breakfast, and the next moment I was right in front of the elevator. The elevator door opened and the same old man who was a lift operator asked me the floor number. Cellar "I replied".

The next moment I was in the cellar, got my bike out of the building, and was on my way to the office. Going through the same lane surrounded by dominating skyscrapers and scary jungle, I reached my office, took my seat in my cabin, and started working.

A very unusual feel of insensitiveness started troubling me. A feeling which I never had was now troubling my head.

A girl who considered herself to be an extrovert was finding a space to escape from people. This was very unusual. I looked around and saw people either working or talking and smiling at each other.

I went to my colleague and asked her if she could join me for a coffee. I had a coffee and talked about the office, work, and development and a few minutes later I was back to my seat totally unsatisfied. The feeling of insensitiveness started growing and was now making me insecure. All this was very unusual for me.

I asked my team leader if I could go early that day, he cheerfully agreed.

I went to a good restaurant which was famous for its ambiance and quality service.

I sat at a table waiting for the waiter to take my order. As no one approached, thinking that I am waiting for someone, so I waved at the waiter, and the next moment he was right in front of my table waiting for me to speak. I told him to take my order as I am alone and This time unlike my regular visits, I ordered something Desi. "Dal makhani and naan followed by tomato soup". I enjoyed the romantic musical score which was being played. Which gave some relief to my unwanted rush of thoughts.

Until my dinner arrived I looked around, trying to see and understand the structure of the restaurant, the design, the paintings, the furniture. Everything was designed and arranged beautifully. Minutes later my meal arrived. It tasted awesome!! A blessing came out of my heart for the chef who made it.

I enjoyed my meal that day like never before, I was enjoying my company, I ate using my hands and not spoon and fork without a feeling of being judged. I felt happy.

I asked the waiter for a bill along with a pen and paper. I wrote a not for chef appreciating the food and thanking the management and supporting staff for such a beautiful ambiance and service.

Appreciating things helped me peep inside my own brain. I self-started my bike, bought a bouquet and reached my apartment building. This time it was not dominating. I went towards the elevator met the same lift operator uncle. I gave him the bouquet and told him my floor number with a big smile.

Before getting out, I thanked him, he replied back with a smile. I unlocked my door, took a shower and sat on my bed relaxing.

The day has taught me a lot.

The world reflects us in the way we see it.

If my own windows are dirty I cannot see the cleanliness of the world.

Sometimes I feel it is really important to talk to ourselves, understand our own thoughts. They help us understand the world, understand the operating principles of society and they are no different from ourselves. I realized, it is not how many people love you, care for you or respect you.

It's all about, how many people you can love, you care for, you respect. It's all about feeling abundant, abundant with love, with care, with respect. And to realize this potential of yourself, better go on a date, a date with yourself, to understand yourself.

In the evening my roommates came, seeing me in the room they asked if everything was ok, why I was home so early. I smiled and told, I was on a date, they started to which I replied, It was a secret date with someone very special.

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