Ashly Paul

Horror Thriller


Ashly Paul

Horror Thriller

A Scary Night

A Scary Night

3 mins

His phone had an email which came few seconds ago. As Raghu climbed the steps towards his apartment, he opened his phone to check it which was blank.

“Really! Ah, why this always happen to me?” Murmuring in rage, he stopped towards his apartment. There was a missed call from his friend, Swaroop, who runs an NGO.

He called Swaroop, “hey it's me. I am willing to do that blood donation. After all I have bombay blood, right? It's rare so it might be of some use as I am shifting.” He cut the call, as he got immersed in thoughts.

He was shifting to another city soon and was preparing the files required for the whole day.

Being an engineering graduate from a private college earned all sorrows of his life. There wasn't a glee of happiness he could hold onto.

“You know, this loneliness thing just mess you up, its like a storm brewing coldly, waiting for its turn,” there were big paintings, the ones that had quenched his thirst of having someone to hear.

He always talk to his paintings as if they had life. He kept his mobile for charging but it was blinking again with a new email.

There was frustration creeping in his mind. Quivering in anger, he opened it, which read, “you paint, you lose.” He was petrified for a moment.

Nobody knew the artist in him beside the person from which he buys paints. Quickly he dialed the dealer guy, Aarav's number which wasn't answered.

Sweat beads were running in rivulets. “It's strange. Is there a chance of it to be prank by my colleagues? Ah, god. Why? Why me? I am going away and why I can't I be gone in peace?”

Another email blinked on his phone screen which read, “peace? You want peace. Stop painting, stop painting, stop painting……”

His phone was stuck. The power was still on but he couldn't access his phone. He could feel the thumping in his chest. He ran towards the door which was locked from outside.

Suddenly he saw a shadow from his room. He wanted to shout but he has lost his sound.

“Aarav! It's you. Why..What do you want?”

“You Raghu, I want you.”

“The hell!”

“Oh come on. As if you don't know anything. You know that I kill some people to get some special red colours, right.”

“I..I know. I won't tell that to anyone.”

“It's not about telling.”

“You .. you want my blood!”

“Yes.” There was a wicked smile in his face, the one which he wear when he gets his victims.

“Yes ma'am. It was so difficult to get this colour. I call it bombay colour actually.” Aarav smirked as he packed the paint bottles for a customer.

His phone too blinked with a blank email!

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