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Ashly Paul

Romance Drama


Ashly Paul

Romance Drama

A College Love Story

A College Love Story

3 mins 409 3 mins 409

“I can't do this, I am afraid,” Jiya was nervous as it was her first-ever dance performance.

“You can,” Nita, her friend consoled her.

Jiya's name was called, her hands shivered, sending tremors down her body.

She paddled, with sweat drops glancing over the world from her face. The music beats drifted into the air, rippling in the hearts of students, whose claps synched with the beats as her legs gracefully adorned the waves she created by setting the stage on fire.

Jiya searched for someone, someone who is or always creates a thrill of some anonymous feeling deep inside her heart!

From a corner of the hall, he stared at her, mesmerized, forgetting to even exist in the world but only in those moments and desired to cage those eternally, his heartbeat was set on flames when he saw her.

Raghav's gaze drizzled over her movements, while his legs tapped in beats. Suddenly his heartbeats ceased for a second when he saw her tripping over and falling on the stage.

“Oh my!” Gasps erupted from the audience, shook his world upside down, everything became blurry for him imparting a sense of unfathomable surge of emotions.

Gathering his courage he ran towards the stage but she was taken to the hospital immediately.

She was admitted to the hospital and everyone returned expect him. He sat outside the room, waiting for her nervously, and after the nurse went outside, he went to see her.

“You came,” she said, with a tinge of surprise hidden in her beautiful dimples, which were busy forming a smirk.

“Mm, do you.. do you know me?” He asked.

“Ah, we are in the photography club, I guess!” She replied, with her smirk giving way to a smile as idiotic as her expressions.

“Yeah, umm, but..”

“So why did you come?” She was curious.

“To see you.”

“To see whether you are gonna be the temporary secretary of the club as I am injured, right?”

Holding arms across her chest, she asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Mm, I..I should go!” He felt suffocated as the words he prepared started to choke inside him, writhing him in the pleasure of confronting her.

“Oh! Come on. You just came!” She told, with sadness lacing her words.







“Yeah, I should go.”

“And how're your legs?” She asked, glaring at him.

“It's fine! Hey, how did you know?” He had an injury and he limped while he walked before all this chaos.

“I have seen you before going to stage struggling to find space in the hall, and also that you were the first one to rush over when I fell, although it was told by my friend who was with you at that time, why so?”

“Ugh..It's nothing, I was just being..”


“Mm..” he was stuck.

“Mm?” She imitated him, laughing while her dimples glimpsed over.

He again fell, smiling idiotically, while glancing over the hair strands down her beautiful eyes resembling an ocean of some deep anonymous tingling!

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