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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

saravanan Periannan

Comedy Drama


saravanan Periannan

Comedy Drama

A relation in my family

A relation in my family

3 mins 243 3 mins 243

(All characters and incidents in the story is fictious and not to hurt everyone.)

I got a call from my sister's husband sidarth that my sister is admitted in hospital due to labour pain.

I got to the hospital and sidarth told me that his aunty raji willl be coming and get her what is necessary.

Raji comes there in hurry and burry.

She just asked what happened with handbag in her hand and taking her phone.

I stared at her and turned other side.

She went inside the room and then came out.

Then some men and women comes and she commanded me 

Can you get some coffee shiva.

I somehow manged to get down hiding my emotions and I bought a cup of tea and drank.

I got 15 coffees first and went there.

She first said why this much time to buy and took the coffee.

Then after 15 next minutes,she said to get another 15 coffee.

She and that gang sipped the coffee slurping and I closed my mouth without saying any words.

Raji Said what shiva? You could have bought better coffee in some other shop.

I thought for what the hell she and her gang drank this not nice coffee two times.

Raji went inside and sidarth also came there.

Raji asked for some apple and Horlicks bottles for herself and I felt this is the first time patient wil be gifting the visitor apples and Horlicks bottles.

I asked why? And she replied we should not waste anything and what your sister is going to do with these many things.

I started to hate her.

Next week,sidarth and his relations came to our house for naming ceremony of the baby.

Then raji came and started commanded my relations to take chairs and get some snacks.

I went to the bakery and suddenly bakery owner sees me and asks me what you want sir.

I gave a big list and he smiled to get such a big order.

My cousin meera came with her scooty and I carried the big bag so toughly and she laughed at me.

What meera? You too mock at me.

Meera spoke to me and myself carried the bag.

Raji sees meera and Spoke loudly i tell now, sidarth's brother is the best match for meera and this should happen.

her gang members nodded their head.

Sidarth's brother started chatting to meera and my anger reached the peak that raji ruined my happiness and peace.

Meera came to me and I asked what meera are you going to marry him.

She said I should not miss such a person and I put down my face.

She said idiot shiva,when I love you how will I marry that flirting boy.

I felt happy for first time.

After the function,raji said that she is going to her house.

I called aunty and she asked what?

I called meera and I put my hands on her shoulder.

How is meera and mine's couple look  raji aunty?

She showed irritation on her face and left the house.

All in my house laughed heartfully and I saw meera and she saw me to exchange words with eyes.

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