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Sheetal Raghav

Romance Tragedy Inspirational


Sheetal Raghav

Romance Tragedy Inspirational

A love story like this too!!

A love story like this too!!

12 mins

Love Story Beyond the Useless Questions and expectations.

This is a true story. 


What happened, why did Trisha stand silent like this?

Anything happened Trisha!


Nothing happened, 

Trisha then you are immersed in what thinking, "you are thinking about getting the engagement confirmed". 

No, Parul,

But actually, 


I really don't know why today's looks strange. 

Everything will be done properly, Parul!

Yah! why won't Trisha? 

Please tell me what is our desire which is full of all virtues. 

Do you know who Rahul is? 

Isn't your colleague? yes.


The same,

Actually Papa refused for his proposal!

Which proposal!

Papa rejected his proposal to marry me, that's why!

Oh Trisha! you are really innocent,

let it be! 

No Parul, this is not a small thing

Even before this, he has broken my engagement once and am just a little scared thinking this. Parul, what will happen next, everything will be done properly. Parul! Papa will handle everything, will he?


If something happens this time, I will not be able to stand. I will die

You don't worry, Tau ji handle all this.

But Parul! he said, he will not allow me to marry anyone else. 


Parul, will he really do it? 

Trisha, don't worry, Tau ji will take care of everything. Will handle everything, 

yes Parul, 

Yes, I know,


Papa, Hall is really booked Aadi said to his father . All arrangements have been made. 

But Papa! why did the they choose engagement on the day of Dhanteras. 

Why did these people choose the day of Dhanteras for engagement, I could not understand anything.

Yes Aadi! many people consider it very auspicious for engagement. With the arrival of Lakshmi in the house.

Actually I didn't understand Papa!

Listen my dear son, many people consider it very auspicious for everything. Lakshmi of the house arrives at the house on the day of Dhanteras, It is very auspicious.And daughter-in-law is also the Lakshmi of the house.

"And Shibhit is also a CA, he may not have got a break before and if he is coming home at his leisure then he must have thought. If both programs are done together then it will be fine".

I think you are right Papa.


Mobile rings.

hello, yes hello 

Namaste uncle ji,ok i give the phone to papa,Papa is a call from Trisha's in-laws. There is something important to talk about. 

Important thing, 

yes papa, you take this phone, 

please tell me Samadhi ji. How is the preparation going? Everything is well, what cannot be, but why is it a matter? Like this,  all preparations have been done,Samdhi ji. All the relatives know about the engagement. what would I say? Why the engagement was canceled, Samadhi ji, no matter what was said. All of this is wrong. My daughter is absolutely innocent. He is all lying. Understand all, listen, then listen, 

what happened? Trisha's papa 

was the one who was afraid, that boy, somewhere 

he said yes, 

yes that same boy is Trying to discredit our Trisha.

Yes! our child. 

Now! what should I tell her? She is happily busy preparing for the engagement.

She is happily preparing for the engagement. and 2 days ago, Noooo!! Noooo!!! engagement cancell. 

How will I be able to face Trisha? I only told her, everything will be alright.

What will I show the child to Trisha's mother? I was the one who assured her. Everything will be alright and where....... Where is Trisha,Trisha's mother now?


Yes Papaji I am here, 

I have heard everything, papa, why are you upset? Perhaps it was in my luck that wrote all this. "I knew it. He will not let anything go right with me" Papa, what is my fault, why do these boys understand everything and think for themselves. Why do we girls fall prey to them. 

Papa "Shobhit has also refused". 

Yes, Trisha beta, this is his wish. 

Trisha's father, what will happen to my daughter now? There is no scar and blemish in my daughter character. 

Then why Trisha listening to this eclipse in her life. 

Aadi you should inform to everyone. There will be no engagement function after 2 days. 

Ok papa I'll inform to everyone, 

when Trisha does not go to the garden for five-six days for morning walk. 

Then Ranveer asks Trisha's sister Parul. 

Trisha does not come on the walk nowadays. What is the matter ? that her engagement is done properly or has gone out somewhere ?

Ranveer! Trisha has gone nowhere, Parul said!

She is at home only. 

She is little sad, 

Why? Everyone is happy after the engagement and she is sad. Why is Trisha unhappy? 



Trisha did not get engaged, so Trisha's engagement was broken!


do you know Parul?

Yes, with whom,Trisha once went to Ahmedabad with Rahul in connection with a project.

Yes, same Rahul's matters

Do you know Ranveer?


you don't need to say anything, Parul, I understand. All the friends are doing the same thing these days. talk about a different kind of relationship. 

What kind of talk are you making?

Everyone is telling the story of a different relationship between Rahul and Trisha.

What does everyone talk Ranveer, all you speak ?

no matter what, Parul ?

Parul, you will do one thing for me.

Can you just tell Trisha that I like her very much? And I want to marry her........ I do not have a job right now and she does the job but I will always keep her happy.U I will also find a job quickly.  I will work very hard for that. Will she marry me, there is no coercion, nor is there any answer. What does she want Just tell me please once, 

but even if you want to marry Trisha knowing Rahul's case, 


I don't mind that matter. What does Parul talk about ?

You are not bothered about this ?

What ? Parul!

what you were telling me right now Ranveer ?

I don't mind Rahul's matters, because what has happened and why it doesn't matter to anyone. Parul ?

Anyway ......., you just leave my message once to Trisha. 

I'llsee you tomorrow.. bye...

Same day in evening

Trisha, I want to ask you one thing. Do you ask? yes, how long has permission been required to ask you. 

How do you like Ranveer? 

How do you think my friend is a good boy, 

will get married. 

From that, your mind is fine, it has not been filled for a week. In telling me the story of one boy's infidelity and you sat down with another anecdote. Let me work it out. 

Trisha sit here near me, I am more your friend than your younger sister. Who can understand your suffering more than me. 

If you can understand why the wound is crushing. It is not easy for me to forget Shobhit. I don't want to talk about it right now. You won't go from here yet 

Trisha! I will not go. Leaving you alone, 

I have very difficultly handled myself because of my father. Parul, 

my wounds are also green. Don't please don't..I will cry Parul!. cry in tears. 

You have to answer Trisha today. Life does not wait for anyone Trisha. 


It is not yet a week to make me forget the story of the infidelity of a boy.

Yes or No Trisha, Yes or No. 

I don't know but will not be able to tolerate another time. 

You do not even have to bear it. 

"Shobhit has left the sky with all the happiness except for the moon". My sister will get all the happiness she deserves. I will say yes to Ranbir on your behalf. 

Do not take Trisha 

and will not be able to tolerate this one more time with me. If he does not know about Rahul now, he will hate me too. "I have only one friend. That too,will not be lost". Parul!

does not want to marry Ranbir. Don't want to do anything to anyone. 

I do not want to get married at all. 

And if I say! he knows it all, then Still he wants to marry you. Then even, then I do not want to get married. 

Means your yes, 

yes or no, I have no because girls have no idea. She is a puppet and someone lives her life as a puppet in someone's hand. 

But you are not Trisha, you educated Trisha, you are intelligent, you can take your own business decision. Tauji also never stopped you from making your own decisions. Trust me this time and see, just once .

But why does he want to marry me despite knowing everything? Parul "all have mercy on me". 

"He is not showing any mercy to you nor does he want to take advantage of any of your compulsion. He likes you Likes your simplicity. Likes your innovative face That's why I want to marry you. You are right that is why" he wants to marry you.

We wanted to take pity on you,

No my dear sister! 

He does want to marry you Trisha. that's it he does not want to marry you by taking pity on you or taking advantage of your compulsion. He loves you That is why he wants to marry you. He never told his heart nor did you understand him.

You never understood him. Probably nothing more than a friend and perhaps he had nothing in mind. But today he truly loves you, likes you, respects you, gives you half of you and wants to make you his soul mate with respect. 

Are you still there?

Are you ?

How does my yes or no matter to her because girls have no yes or no?

I cannot understand anything at this time. Parul, leave me alone for a few days. I do not have any decision in my hand right now, because the wound is still there. The next day on my heart which is not yet erased.

Parul,you talked to Trisha, what did she say, she agreed, didn't you explain it properly. You have understood that, have you not? I like her. Whether she will marry me or not, why don't you say anything. 

Wait,wait, wait Ranveer, let me speak,let me Ranveer 


yes, look, Ranveer,Trisha is completely broken at this time. She is not in a position to understand anything. 

Still, I say yes to you, you have to wait a little bit. Don't be so hasty, give her a little time to think and understand, I will support you and Trisha. 

But let Trisha care a little. 

Parul, I have to wait for Trisha all my life too, then I will wait for her. I will keep waiting till my last breath and waiting for her yes. 

Now I go bye... 

almost 1 month later.

Come, Dubey ji, What bring to you here?

Hey Dubey ji, how have you come here? You will also meet with this excuse. You hadn't met for a long time. 

Where is our daughter, 

she is getting ready to go to office. 

After a long conversation, 

Hey Dubey, if a good boy is in your eyes, then you will tell for Trisha. I want to get Trisha married as soon as possible.

What kind of boy .

What kind of boy do you want for Trisha to marry?

Well educated, the family bar is good, the job is profession,get a job and keep my daughter happy always.

This will be my first requirement. If my daughter happy, I am happy, If Trisha is happy then me and my family will also be happy.

Sharma ji! yes there is a boy and the family is also good.He is an MBA and is also looking for a job.

Where is it in this city or in another city? 

 In this city only,



you know Sharma ji, that boy,

I know him too. What is such a boy, 

he is the son of Mahendra Sharma ji, 

who is a "polytechnic college's Sharma ji, his son is the same, yes the family is good. My relations with Sharma were also good. I met him once when he was a hostel warden.

You will know that Sharma ji is no more the same boy who is the Handel of the house, he has got his own run. I bring him someday. Then we will sit comfortably and talk with him leisurely.

2 days later 

Namaskar Sharma ji, 

come on, Dubey ji. Come, this is the son of Ranveer Hostel Warden Sharma ji 's son.

And how are everyone at home? I came to know that Sharma ji is not there, when how what happened, and how mother is at home. All is well at home. I have met him twice before, your father. He was a very nice person.

You tell me, son, what do you do nowadays?

Searching for jobs and what do you do in idle time?


I want to know something from you. You must know the purpose of coming here.

You must have told the purpose of coming here. 

Han ji Uncle ji. 

Dubey, Uncle Ji has told me everything. I have no objection to marriage also. 

Even I want to tell you one more thing. I already know Trisha. We met about 3 years ago while walking in the ground. 

Well, you already know Trisha, so what do you think about Trisha about marriage,? 

I do not mind Uncle Ji!

And your mother will be ready for this wedding. Is she ready too? 

She has a problem with arthritis, so she cannot come here, then I will get her to talk to you on the phone itself. 

That is all right. I want to tell you one thing, Ranveer. I can't hide any thing.

I do not want to start this relationship by hiding anything. 

I knew everything. Uncle ji is not the same thing due to which Trisha's relationship has just broken. 

I knew everything and "I do not need someone else's character certificate about to Trisha". 

I understand or know Trisha. How is she I know for the last 3 years. 

Why is a character certificate always needed for girls only. 

I knew that!

Trisha went out with him in connection with the project. There was a 1 week tour. 

That is why people are able to lift the finger easily and why should I accept whatever people say. 

Whether girls are responsible for any crime or not, they are convicted as guilty.

Whether Girls should be held guilty and issued a decree of punishment as society only raises finger on girls. 

I am not a part of such orthodox thinking and I do not accept any such thinking.

And I neither believe nor believe any such orthodox thinking and then I believe she is a beautiful, well-educated, intelligent girl like Trisha who takes every step wisely. I do not trust such a thing for her. She raised his head infront of us and talked with us with her eyes and does not give any character certificate in our midst. I don't want anything else, nor do. I want to know anything else. 

But yes,

I am still searching for a job. I do not have a job right now. I will get engaged now but marriage only after getting a job . 

Ranveer beta, whatever your "mother's demand is, I will try my best to fulfill it. I will do as much for my daughter". Do you approve of this wedding?

Yes, Uncle ji is in demand, there is only one, that is Trisha and I dare to earn on my own and I want to give all the happiness and all the happiness of life to Trisha on my earned money. You just give me Trisha's hand. I do not have any other demand from me and my mother.

Trisha standing on one side was listening to everything. 

Trisha wanted to say yes, but she was scared of what happened before that. So she was standing silently listening to everything.

Trisha you come, I want to ask ? Trisha a question in front of all of you. 

Yes, yes, ask my son, 

Trisha, would you like me to be your life partner who will bother you all your life and also take care of you?

Tell me are you ready for marriage? 

Yes yes son, say what you want, 

yes Ranveer, I am ready 

and after 1 year 

Trisha and Ranveer get married. 

Today it has been 15 years. There are two children supporting each other. They both have a happy and happy family

This is the true love story of both of them.

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