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Regina S

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A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 26

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 26

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Chapter 26

Flashback continues

“My college days were the best days of my life... I had a group of friends with whom I used to enjoy my days I was very jovial, very playful and I was always surrounded by girls... I used to get proposals starting from seniors to juniors but I was not impressed by anyone until I met Roslyn who was my college junior”.

The first day of my final year of college, I walked in thinking this is the only year left for me to enjoy with my friends... I saw my boys (Sandeep, Ahilan, Sean, Ajith) sitting and looking at the college entrance, I went up to them “looks like you guys were waiting for me”.Sean said “come on John we didn't even notice you”, ”then who are you waiting for?” I asked with little disappointment... Ajith said, “I had 5 breakups in the last 2 years and Sean haven't found a single girl yet, and today is the first day for our juniors so we are sitting here to find a girl for ourselves”. John said “Oh come on guys do not waste your time”, Sean replied “what to do? Girls don't stand in queue for us like they do for you”...

I said “ok you guys find a girl for each one of you and come, I am going” and I started walking... I got into the classroom and occupied the last bench as always... As I got busy chatting with my other classmates, I felt disturbed, I felt my heart was beating fast I walked out of the classroom stood in the lobby to get some fresh air, I saw my friends still sitting and looking at the entrance, I turned to walk into the classroom but my heart asked me to stop and turn around, I turned and looked at the gate, there I saw her "My Roslyn", she was wearing a blue top and black jeans. And as she walked in..uh..i .. I can't explain how I felt that second, there are no words to describe that feeling… I kept staring at her until she was out of my sight... After a few seconds I just ignored things and got into our classroom... 

The lecturer came in and she kept talking about something but my mind was thinking only about the girl I saw. I did not know who she was, I had no clue why was I thinking so much about her, I failed every time I tried to ignore her thoughts and listen to what the lecturer was saying, I saw her only for few seconds but my mind was thinking only about her... After the class, Sean said, “Ahilan did you see that girl in jeans and blue tops, I think I’ve fallen for her dude”... I knew he was talking about that same girl, with little anger I asked which girl, Sean said “you please stay away John, it's better you don't see her until I make her mine, if not it will be like Amritha's story again I will propose to her and she will fall in love with you”...

I walked out without saying a word, as I kept walking she came stood in front of me, I kept looking at her and heard someone say "excuse me, can you please tell us where HOD's room is?” I did not reply, and she repeated the question but I wasn't sure who was talking cause I was busy admiring her, it was the other girl who asked me for HOD's room I told her the way and as they walked, I turned to have a look at her again and smiled when she too turned to look at me... I sat down in the college canteen, thinking about her, her eyes, her long hair... As I said I was always surrounded by girls; a group of girls my juniors who saw me sitting alone came sat with me, and started a conversation, just for the sake of sitting I sat with them for 5 minutes and left the place... I went back to the classroom and decided not to think about her... I enjoyed my day with my friends, I did not think about her after that nor did I see her for the day again.

It was only me and my parents at home, as you know I have no siblings... I always kept people around me happy... Being the only son I was mommy's boy though my father was strict, I will break all his rules because I knew my mother was there to support me... That evening after I reached home, I was joking and making my mother laugh, but that girl's eyes kept flashing in my mind, I was distracted... I again decided not to think about her.

Next day when I went to college my friends were waiting for me, they said first year students are done with their orientation programme, and wanted to rag them today... I saw her coming Ahilan said “Sean look your girl is coming”, I don't know why I walked away when he said that... I was waiting for my friends in the classroom they came after 10 minutes... I couldn't stop myself from asking him, “so Sean did you finally talk to her?”. “Oh yes I did” replied Sean... Slowly I asked, “so what's her name?”. "ROSLYN" he replied... Slight smile occupied my lips, I kept repeating her name again and again and again... Narayan stopped the car in front of a pub and asked: “shall we go for a drink?” John said “yes” and they both sat down the pub.

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