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Hardik Dangodara

Comedy Inspirational Others


Hardik Dangodara

Comedy Inspirational Others

A Bitter But Sweet Trip

A Bitter But Sweet Trip

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This may have been a year. 

I was studying in a hostel. Summer vacation came so I went home from the hostel. The vacation was only for a week. So one day is precious for me. Only me and my father had a vacation.

Going home, I found out that the validity of the old bullock cart has expired. So we have to make a new bullock cart. We can get the goods for that in Una (name of the village - about 12 km away from our village) but someone must have told my father that Savarkundla (name of the village - about 70 km from our village for iron) km away. Amreli area seems.) will be cheaper.

So my mother refused to go there. But a friend of my father stayed there. My father called him and talked about bullock carts. So he said that just now the old carts were divided into four or five thousand. So Dad decided to go to Savarkundla. So I had to go the next morning. So I was excited to go too.

So we went to the area near Amreli many times. Savarkundla remains on the side road from there.

It was summer days and we had to take the bike there so mom gave me a hat, glasses and handkerchief and gave dad a helmet. We probably left the house at 8:30 in the morning. To keep the cart upright.

So I was not in the habit of drinking tea but I could sleep in the car so my father asked me to drink some tea. He then asked the brother with the tea about the road ahead, told him that it would be 32 km away from there.

Then we got back in the car and drove off. It will be around 10:45 pm and we reached Sa. Kundla.

Thus he was a stranger. We started looking for hardware stores. We went to a shop (Shop No-1) I don't remember the name. We went there and asked about the iron fence of the cart fence (the black fence of the cart-ox comes for the side of the cart). But first he understood about the bedsheet and he showed it to us and then we said no, we want the car seat. He said we don't keep it but he gave the address of another shop. He said that there is an iron godown on Amreli Road.

We went there looking for it. (Shop No-2) went there and asked about the blackboard, but they refused and said that we only keep the white board.

Dad called his friend and asked for his home address. It was far away. Dad asked me to go there but I told him, no, if we go there he will not leave except for dinner so we will be late to go home.

The shopkeeper then gave the address of the other shop and said that it would be found there. We went there. There was a big godown. (Shop No. 3) We thought we would find it here. But when I went there and asked, he said that we had stopped it many years ago. We left disappointed.

When we got out of there, we found a hardware store. (Shop No. 4) When asked there, he replied that maybe no one keeps a blackboard. Yet he gave the addresses of two or three shops. So we went to the main market. If asked there, he refused. So we've been to that main market four to five times because it was unfamiliar.

Then we got bored. Then we decided to go home nowhere to be found. On the way home I found a hardware store. Asked there but told him we don't keep. But he gave the addresses of the other two shops. To find it we came half way back to the Maine market.

I saw that shop but could not find it there. But another address was left. But I said let me go now, I will not find it there. So we let go. But we barely. 1-2 km from Kundla.

There was a call from home and asked if found? We said that the search is on and we will call as soon as we meet! Then it happened to Dad that if we go home empty-handed, we will be laughed at.

Then decided to take the white board instead of the black board. So back we came to the Main Market. He saw a white board in the shop (Shop No. 5). But we wanted a one and a half inch board, but he only had an inch board! But he said he would be in the godown.We walked half a kilometer to the godown where the brother searched the godown but could not find him. We returned to the shop in shame.

He said that there would be a shop and he gave the address of a shop. If we went there, we saw that it was the same shop that we went to for the first time. (Shop No. 1) Then it happened to us that if we go home empty handed Everyone will be annoyed. So we saw the plowshares in the shop and decided to take it.It was at risk price i.e. one shahu was 4 kg and its price was 320 rupees. So we took 3 shahs. It costs Rs. 960. But it was a little more than 4 kg so it probably cost Rs. 10 more. We beat a lot of heads with it for Rs.

Then we took it back to shop no-5 which gave the address of this shop. Asked him where the blackboard would be found? He said that Mahuva (name of the village) must be found.

Then we packed our bags and left for home.

Maybe it will be 1 p.m. I was very hungry but my father did not eat outside! So I have to stay hungry too! But we drank cane juice. Then we left. When we left Savarkundla, my father asked me if I wanted to go to Mahuva. I asked how many km? So Dad said it would be 50 km. So I immediately refused.

Then we packed our bags and left for home.

Then we came out dumbfounded. It was noon so I fell asleep. My hat flew twice because of the wind! We probably reached the pillar at 2:30 p.m. See also Hardware Store there. Two shops were not found and one shop was closed, it was to open at 3:00 p.m. And waited for him. Then he drank sugarcane juice. Then my dad went to that shop. Then came back but found nothing. I started laughing. Then we went home.

We arrived home at about 4:00 p.m. My father sat down to eat, and I immediately fell on the bed.

This made it clear that "greed is evil."

We thought it would be cheaper there than Una. But it was even more expensive than that. And the whole day was ruined and my whole day was wasted. Then in the evening mom came home and laughed a lot.

At the end of the vacation, I went back to the hostel. Then he called home several days later and asked about the car. So he said that now he is going to Mahuva to get the car plate. Let me answer that I come with! Then my father and I both laughed ......!

'A wonderful idea'

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