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Saibal Ray

Drama Tragedy Action


Saibal Ray

Drama Tragedy Action



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It is the time of lockdown. 

It is a bad time indeed! 

People are inside mostly. 

Dogs are barking on the street. 

The urban eyes watch television. 

It starts raining outside. 

Depression on Bay of Bengal

Hits the shore outright. 

It feels cool inside. 

The summer pauses for a while. 

The wave hits the shore. 

The sea becomes agile. 

Urban eyes watch television. 

They report from ground zero. 

Village after village sink. 

Through the water villagers go. 

Thunderstorm hits the city. 

People are really scared. 

Power goes on an off. 

Television stops there. 

Fear grasps the city dwellers

As the last cyclone is still in mind. 

They suffered for three long days

Without power without light. 

Next day comes with hope. 

Television starts playing. 

They start reporting again. 

Villagers start praying. 

Cyclone has hit the dams. 

Huts have gone under water. 

Many people are homeless now

Searching for a shelter. 

The cloudy sky turns sunny. 

The summer returns again. 

People go from city to help

As the villagers are in pain. 

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