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Rashmi Raj



Rashmi Raj


Who Will Win?

Who Will Win?

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It's a new day today,

But just like yesterday,

Suffering and pain,

It just rains again and again.

From hundreds to lakhs,

Death did raise,

God now has no mercy,

For all His praise.

Hands got cold,

Before seeing the dew,

Many unknown departed,

Leaving behind just a few.

With all the fright in heart,

We still continue to fight,

We are still in dark,

With all daylight. 

Forget about food,

Many cried for a grain,

The whole world now,

Is sailing on the ship of pain.

Unknown are sheltered,

Spoonful they are fed,

Having seen this all,

Nothing can be said.

Who could win the race,

Of the human race?

It's survival of the fittest,

As Darwin said,

If we fail this test in the mid,

Remember the winner would be COVID.

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