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Abhilasha Gupta

Tragedy Others


Abhilasha Gupta

Tragedy Others

When Rain Became Hail

When Rain Became Hail

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As I sit 

Below the roof 

Of my little home 

I hear the raindrops 

Falling on the 

The roof of my home.

There’s a perfect rhythm

Of the raindrops falling 

As they race to

Reach the ground

And formulate 

A melody 

With their pitter-patter sound.

I let the 

Smell of petrichor 

Fill my nose 

As the raindrops 

Continue falling on the roof 

Of my little home.

The evening had been pleasant 

Before the rain 

Became loud,

Like the loudspeakers 

In a party 

When blasted on full sound. 

There was suddenly 

A shift 

In the vibe 

Of the day 

As if the rain 

Had gotten angry

And turned into hail.

The sweet melody 

Of the rain had 

Turned from 

Soothing to blaring

As the moment had changed.

The holes 

In my roof 

Were visible now 

As the hail 

Continued falling 

With a loud sound.

All that remained 

Was a thought that came 

Will this hailstorm 

Turn back into the rain?

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