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Soumili Roy

Drama Tragedy Others


Soumili Roy

Drama Tragedy Others

We Ain't Afraid

We Ain't Afraid

2 mins 383 2 mins 383

In this poetry

We ain't afraid no more

Like banners and headlines

On bi kids

Whose parents were dubious

If they were normal

Breathing the same air

Laughing the same laugh

Ain't we afraid,

From the rot set on trans women

Feeding the child

On paper tables, 

Being hunted on her black skin

Fed on her dust shaken mind

Her slender brown fingers now

Tracing forth the baby's forehead

Guests yet saying

How you ricocheted on her

'Almost-dead' heartbeats

No, no love

We can't be afraid of the sixth

And the last sin

Envy, and your pride 

The lesbian yesterday

Because of you

Buried her child

Cremated her beautiful sharp

Teeth, chapped cherry lips

Under the uneven Earth

Shorn her last tunic

Rutilant across the cerulean skyline

The butch woman is dying 

In her fading greyish room

Waiting for the last sermon

Patched upon her aching bones 

Why would we be afraid anymore?

Let the brown man 

With hazy freckles on the chin

Kiss the gentleman

If ever in life he wishes so

Let him build an atelier

Framing wooden pictures or

Binding two notes into one

Mounting together a Melody,

To his beloved's mild heart.

Since tomorrow,

He can't renege on the last vow

Keeping his love safe in the haven,

Under pale navy lights,

The shimmering sun,

Because of you,

Just you. 

Vodka tonight

Tastes better than disappointment

Hung inside a broken vase

Of old Polaroids,

Postcards and television sets. 

The pan boy is curled up in sheets

Made of blood and water

It's 9:46

I don't watch him get up

I heard yesterday,

Under the shallow grapevine

Did his history teacher

Set him a conversion therapy?

His dreams are lanterns now

Left behind by the last traveler

Beside the damp forest

Muddy tonight with the cold rain

Hope crystalizes on my mouth

Like a sugar coat tonight

Waiting to fall due to the weight

But should we be afraid anymore?

Of attacks with a smirk

Set against our dead linings

Should we not be afraid anymore?

Writing letters, Marching down arcades 

With slogans painting a pain

So vivid it empowers itself

With thudding footsteps

On cracking pavements

But fuck it

Show 'em today who were

They up against,

Kill their glory

Build your own,

You're who you should be,

Not ever who they told you to be.

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