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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Success Journey

The Success Journey

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Life is precious, the mind is like a weapon, 

Cast your life into shape and,

Burn your fears and wreck 'em, shake 'em with your rage and, 

Fake your foe, 

From the day forward it's a new show, 

You start to crawl, begin with a new mo and achieve success in a row,

You know you've claws, scratch your uncanny limitations and make yourself glow. 

Defeat your slow momentum play like a pro,

Grow with a flow.

You're awesome,

Think yourself as the chosen one

Make a spark, Make out of this house, 

Let the crowd shout out your success,

And make yourself proud

Let your shit be loud, you're about to cast yourself into a meaningful mould. 

Keep your mind on stars and your feet on the ground, 

If you ever fall so you would have a backup round, 

Don't let you up bound, 

Make the noises make the sounds, 

Show the world that you exist, be a king with a headed crown

Life is not fair, it doesn't give anything, 

You've to Snatch to be something,

Ask yourself what is that thing you want to be and have everything from nothing,

Rise up, fight in the ring, 

Defeat your rival, success is waving at you and serving the wings,

Run to take it upon you, this superintendence is only for you, 

Control it and make it a special view, 

Don't run to hide from them, just be the supervisor of you, 

Take steps ahead, out of your home

Forget your comfort zone, you're now grown

It's time for confidence to be shown

Extract the white out of this black and brown,

Think not you're fading, you are about to shine, 

Bring the change, don't live in vain

You've lotta things to gain, you crave for something so let 'em rain,

I know everybody is suffering from a thing or two,

Every guy is burning in a fire, that's true, 

You got a nation of the tensions inside you, 

One side you've to look for your parents,

Another side you're struggling to make your essence,

Let yourself be worthy, 

Make enough money to make an elegant journey,

Take a look who is standing in your hard time-y,

Who is making you shining and who is scurvy,

Who hates you let 'em burning, 

It's your success which would give them air to their flamings.

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