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Albin Joy

Crime Tragedy


Albin Joy

Crime Tragedy



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A cold night it was, with falling snow.

A boy was born, only to be thrown.

His mama cried, all her dreams died.

If something she don’t need,

Was a hungry little mouth to feed.

He was left on a street, under a leafless tree.

Wrapped in a cloth, from feet to throat.

Peacefully he slept, while his mother left.

All alone on the street was a baby,

No one knew who was his Mummy.

Winds opened his eyes, he started his cries.

A man passing by, heard his cute little cry.

A homeless man he was, had broken many laws.

Taking the child he started to run,

One hand with baby and other with gun.

Baby grew with the man, without any plan.

A boy with a runny nose, never heard a funny joke.

All he knew was to steal, for a one-time meal.

Man taught him to fight like a ruthless knight,

And he roamed the streets to kill at night.

Gun was a toy, for this young teenage boy.

He loved his finger to be placed on the trigger.

Then in desperation, he had no control over situation.

He was robbing a huge bank,

But got shot by a officer’s hand.

Falling to the ground, he was already dead.

But who was responsible for this boy’s death.

Was it his mom, or that lawless man.

Let's create a world with peace,

So that no other child dies in street.

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