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2 mins

Rushed into my house after three days,

for her being desperately awaited.

As she has forgotten to follow my house' s way,

and entered so quickly to the kitchen with agoraphobic face.

But hearing the opening of door and someone following my steps,

my mother came running from the balcony two rooms away.

And she was caught now, and flow of questions started,

but she was under thinking, for some plans to betray.

My mother asked, "Where were you Sony these three days?,

I saw you working in Shukla's house.

You know that I am not healthy enough to finish the household errands,

and you always frame excuses for illness of yourself, your kids or your spouse."

Maid replied with a confident shy,

"It wasn't any health issue this time,

I was in a huge trouble and a disaster was curbing me inside...",

and after that she started crying heart out loud.

Now I and my mother understood that this is some bigger heap of trouble on her,

and then my mother insisted on to know the truth.

She persisted on to cry even louder,

and after a few seconds, her wet eyes led her threatened voice, that too getting weaker.

She carried on with her depreciating voice,

and my mother knew that her emotions even were true even though we were ready to no more become any novice.

She said, "My cruel husband who used to become monster after being drunk,

is killed by me three days back when he disguised himself a wild hunk."

Again she started crying and we were heavily amazed,

She continued, "On Friday night, after being drunk to top of his neck, he started to lethally beat me,

and when my daughter tried to save me, he picked up the iron rod and as soon as he attacked on her I gave him a brutal blow,

and he collapsed on the floor speedily bleeding.

I took my daughter and my son and ran off,

Three days I tried to escape, but alas! I know how high I will reach on crime trough.

So, just I came here to handover my kids to you and going to surrender,

please care them in any way you can do for them who just now are standing on the door"

No sooner did she finish, police entered inside our gate,

caught my maid and ladies carried her to the Jeep holding her hands.

Me and my mother both were not even accustomed to the situation,

but we tried to calm down after seeing her kids' wet faces.

Today, that accident has aged 15 years,

but I still anxiously think,

who was the real victim and the real criminal,

maid's husband, herself or her kids clutched up?

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