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Live Before You Die

Live Before You Die

2 mins

I was jolly and joyful all along,

My life persisted on as some beautiful song.

Everything happened as I used to expect,

And that too was all perfect.

I usually sat and thanked God,

For blessing me with such a lovely and meticulously crafted abode.

Life with large happiness and little sorrow,

And as one does, I too ran behind my pretensions every morrow.

My worrying part of brain was vested only for my family, society and nation,

And for me it was all about life with no tension.

Suddenly an ache reckoned in some part of my anatomy,

Thinking it as an acute one, I ate few painkillers and supposed it of no worry.

The ache was though erratic but piercing,

And for many days, my senses did not detect it as convincing.

Gradually, the ache dispatched around the hotspot region,

Then, my body realised that this pain was of some concern.

I went through diagnosis and prescriptions,

And what I found on the reports were par my imagination.

I was diagnosed with the lethal malignant cancer that caused my retreat,

And suddenly, I felt as ground has slipped under my feet.

Now, everyone around me looked restless,

But being it me was the case.

I started losing my mental health before any physical failure,

It was that same brain which was no more mature.

Those pains were overshadowed by some other pains,

Three crying in front of me and many crying behind me made my senses insane.

The pain was not for my health's ruin,

Neither it was for that I will die soon.

It was for, that I started feeling pity on myself,

And that made my mind weld.

After a week I was under re-detection,

And the reports displayed that I was even more critical.

Doctor advised me with a certain assure,

That "Medicines should cure, Prayers might cure, but internal happiness 'will' cure".

There were two kinds of people around,

One kind motivated me with pleasant sound,

But others disheartened by reciting the deadly tales of people with same wound.

But, Doctor had made it clear to my feel,

Several medicines and chemotherapies though weakened my body, did not weaken my will.

Mine merry nature and strong will, let me survive for quite a long,

And even after three chemos, I stood once again very strong.

Doctors found it as a miracle,

As after three months, I was again well.

Life and death are two sides of a single coin,

If one persists, other can't align.

Death might be under Almighty control,

But life is inside our clinched fist, and so let us promise ourselves not to open it in demise' s fear and troll.

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