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Nitin Tiwari

Abstract Tragedy


Nitin Tiwari

Abstract Tragedy

Water On Ink

Water On Ink

1 min

When water droplets get perfused over an inked paper,

appears as small crests scattered over the plain owing limpid crystalline appear.

Those inked alphabets serving as ground for drops gets enlarged enhancing its pulchritude,

And the hemispherical drops makes us pliant to its pleasant attribute.

After that moment, those drops start to shrivel,

and as they shrink, they pertain to watery dwell.

As paper gets wet and ink start to get decrepit,

and perhaps, the paper originally being an important one, slowly happens to get unfit.

Now if we act abruptly with it, we can lose either the text over it or the whole paper itself,

and so we have to handle it carefully to avoid getting it wet.

After drying it under the sun or heater we usually recover our wet inked piece,

but even after all our adroitness, we never regain the same plain soft paper sheet.

Similarly, some hazardous indulgences ruin us,

earlier, it appears as the prettiest and most effective ink we have ever come across.

But with time, when it get to deplete our health or character,

even after rescuing ourselves, we can never become what we were original

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