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The Shadow

The Shadow

2 mins 291 2 mins 291

I lost my track

 I was slack

I was opting to tack

My life back”

''I was trying to get up

To the morning breeze

With a wide-eyed smile

But I failed thousand times''

“I looked around

To feel the beauty

Of my own city

But I was unresponsive"

"To the melodies

Of the chirpings;

To the breeze

So afresh"

 My shadow

Was Throbbing


“I was losing the charm in life

I was losing my strength deep inside”

"As I was walking down the

Memory lane

My heart chipped"

I overlooked – the fearful 

Emotions untipped;

On one fine day

I felt the smile

Of swaying tulips !

“You became my


The Shadow that stood

Beside me

In all narrows”

Your presence was

Unrealized until

I felt compassion again in me;

You managed to bring

The lost charming smile

Of mine!

“I got my wings back

& I thought it was

Because I had the audacity

To fly high”

I discarded the reality

Until ready

To escape –

My shadow asked me –

Don’t you think, you should

Appreciate the efforts?

“I dived into my thoughts

To discover the unanswered 


The rain endowed tranquillity

To my heckled soul,

Or it was the umbrella that he

Held – just to protect me

From getting wet in dark memories?

It was me, who was learning to laugh bright

Or was he making me

A happy soul?

My eyes had no tears to shed

As he made me look ahead in life?

The empty roads;

The morning breeze;

The sunrise – again started

Taking my breath away euphorically

Did I make so many efforts?

“I murmured to myself, in the feeble voice

As I had no answers to my

Disputing thoughts”

Hold onto this

The Shadow warned

Before leaving me again;

Even I left your way in those dark days

I shall leave now

As there is somebody

Cheerfully waiting for you;

“He should be applauded

He brought you back

To these golden glorious days”

Do we have a strong bond

From past life?

Or he is the messenger

Sent to me by the supreme

To create positive vibes;

“Well, whatsoever the case


I will hold onto him

For some more time!

Call me selfish, if you can

But I will hold onto him for

Some more time

Yes, for some more time”

Until it becomes for lifetime.

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