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The Lost Battle

The Lost Battle

1 min 154 1 min 154

'Mink brown tears would shimmer in her eyes

Standing somewhere in between

A broken bridge

She would regret her instinct'

An abiku was wandering

Behind her happiness

She sneered

She mastered the art of

Faking a smile at the world,

'Translucent skin

Showed blue veins

She would play a

Song and replay it for a whole decade'

Heart shaped face transit to

Hollow cheeks in discrete

Rosebud lips were chapped,

'Her chocolate brown unkempt hairs would fly

In mess turning out to be ash brown,

'Willowy girl emaciated in no time

Her delicate soft hands were ink-stained

She was paralyzed with the reality

Hypnotizing dark glittery words

Kept pulling her to the memory lane,

"She was fearfully wispy and wandering

How could she be the victim of this misery"

She was fighting the lost battle!

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