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Ravneet Dhaliwal

Inspirational Romance


Ravneet Dhaliwal

Inspirational Romance

Incandescent Love

Incandescent Love

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The strength she bestowed

Was a shoulder she leans on!

A ray of happiness would glitter

He was her calmness,

He was a perfect blend of

Sunshine & rain!

'In disgrace, she would not cry

In misfortune, she would not complain

For these were the things

That made him, her life'.

She would never curse her fate

She believed him to be her fate!

‘He would not wait for tears

To roll down but never let a tear fall

He would not wait for harsh situations

But would make her ready to face if any’.

Such was the love – incandescent!

He would not ask her, is everything fine?

But would forecast things timely!

'He is her Hope

She is his Support

He is her inspiration

She is his courage'

Together, a solace!

'He is the healer

She is a dreamer

He is her chandelier

She is his prismatic candle'

Together, just flawless!

'He is the only star

Of her galaxy

She is the sun wade

Of the thunder thy'.

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