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Ravneet Dhaliwal



Ravneet Dhaliwal


Wake Up

Wake Up

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“Swallow the unfortunate fact

The spokes of the watch have moved ahead”

Accomplish the lofty goals

That drifted apart dread”

Acknowledge the beauty

Of getting the chance

To move on;

Wake up

Wake up to fulfil your


“ Empathize the power of

Good Deeds

Illuminate the soul

Of dead dolls”

Be the aroma that

Is matchless at all;

Wake up

Wake up to the priceless


“Listen to the symphony

React to the thriving rides”

You are spectacular

Tell the ones who

got on your nerves;

Wake up

Wake up to the Quenching roads!

“Give someone a shoulder

To thrive upon

Look around and

Be someone’s moonlight”

Touch someone’s chilled skin

To give it the desired warmth;

Wake up

And forge ahead!

“The life is so petite

Don’t go around to the deep shallows

Feel the irony

And let it go”

Be someone’s fairy angel

To bring the rhythms of


Wake up

Just wake up

Wake up my darling

Young lady to be someone’s

Only hope!

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