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It was a bright noonday

Upon the market place,

Yet we could hear the hooting

And shrieking of disgrace.

There was the brave Cicero

To construe the portentous acts,

When a monstrous step to be taken

To which the mother nature reacts.

Casca did fear,

Of the disturbed sky,

The faults weren't forgotten

The requests were a lie.

Through the dusty winds

A Roman was spotted, little did the people know

A plan was to be plotted.

It was a pleasing night

To all the honest men,

Yet the lion of Roam

Was still in its den.

The heaven's menace

Showed the Earth full of faults,

And the cruel deeds

Shall be brought to a halt.

The brave Roman

Bar'd his bosom,

In the perilous night

Where flowers didn't blossom.

The demons arose

Heaven was tempted,

It was the part of men

Where fear was attempted.

When the mighty gods

By tokens send,

Such dreadful heralds

Had to come to an end.

These dreadful nights

The thundering weren't common,

For those sparks of life

In every heart of a Roman.

These gliding ghosts

All these fires,

The nature wasn't

In it's pleasant attire.

'Why all these things change from their ordinance?' they wonder,

That night they cried

And frightened the thunder.

The heaven had filled them

With spirits of warnings,

Unto the monstrous state

Led the humanity mourning.

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