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The Cold Fire

The Cold Fire

1 min

A day of winter

To play with snow,

The darkening nights

The lights would glow.

Everyone united

In their best attire,

While the bird stood alone

In the warmth of the cold fire.

No one to seek for

No one to help,

All it could do was

Live by it self.

Apart from the family

Trembling in cold,

Had no choice

But to stay bold.

It was but midnight

Every man in his cloak,

While here stood the fellow

Until its strength broke.

Laid its wing

Up in the sky,

Fell on the snow

In the breath of cry.

The people rejoiced

Ended their year,

While it lost its life

With no one to hear.

How does the life goes?

They all end with a lover,

Yet this little bird

Was left with snow to cover

The sun came up

People out of their house

While this lovely bird

Was a now a treat to a mouse

One has to born

One has to die

We smile once

And then we sigh

Life is a music

With tunes low and high

It makes you laugh

It makes you cry

Live like a guitar

Let the happiness play the chords

You only live once

Bless us, Oh dear Lord!

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