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Shreya R



Shreya R


The Circus

The Circus

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In the circus

Many things that are crazy happen

Like the snakes and lions being tamed by the captain

Kids walking on a tight rope

and an alien seen through a telescope!

There are people riding a giant wheel

When I saw it I thought it wasn't real!

The crazy dance

And the weird mime from France

A really crazy stunt

And a glance of joker from the front!

A comedy act

The person who told us a useless fact

All of these

In the breeze

Us down on our knees

yyelling please

"Do it all again, it was so good!"

The burger made of wood,

The person wearing the hood

All was good, feels like watching everything again

Oh, also you must watch them putting a costume on a hen

Watch the man with a fake gun

go to the circus its so much fun!

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