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bimla sahu



bimla sahu


Spontaneity In Life

Spontaneity In Life

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To achieve my dreams

To make it realize

I recalled what was about to go

When I said goodbye.

As I had just said goodbye

To people that I have always

Lived by,

And knowing

that they’ll learn to live,

To live without me

A tear rolled down in synchronising.

And thence a phase started

I peddled through a cycle

A cycle of denial, acceptance then living it

Counting on time to mend me with it.

An unfathomable the pain

Was of leaving

But I was assured that

I'm either not easy

Ergo I dealt it like a Lady.

Today, while still on my way

To things I desire

For things, I’ll die

I’m learning to live with


Sometimes in restless nights

When I struggle to close my eyes

and heartbreaks come and go by

I recalculate my life

And then,

I silently cry.

For then I write

About a handful of people,

Whom I still love to like

And a time nearby

When it is all worth a while!

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