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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Jaya Chaudhary



Jaya Chaudhary


And I Tied My Mess In A Bun

And I Tied My Mess In A Bun

2 mins

That day! 

My last day in arms of love,

My mother cared my hair,

Tied them in wedding bun! 

Intense care, 

Seeking jocular memories,

Once lingering through kitchens,

Fighting over gifts, 

Ahhh! Those sophomore friends! 

It hurts, to let things go of your hold,

To slip from pink innocence,

To enthralling red, offcourse 

Symbol of an enchanting experience,

But it's again,

An expedition from home to home,

One by birth other by ritual of law 

I moved from hugs to warm touches,

From hearteous shouts,

That carved themselves as vociferous nags,

Where the breeze carresed me with happiness,

Now the winds blow away my stumbling self,

Out of rash judgements,

No, it's my mistake,

I choose the green marshy dress,

And refuse the red sapphire jewels,

I admire the errands to trip down those enemies,

When they wondered I will gossip with them 

In morning over the bleaks of newspaper! 

With the afterglow arousing, I stiched my lips

Tied my Messy buns, carried away

By the thought of comrades,

Fighting the foes,

Loosing sometimes, keeping up with hopes

No, dear,

Dear in law not at all,

I wish to knock down the vultures,

Against your wish to bring another army cadet,

I wish to be a Cadet my self 

So that's where the winds came,

Blowing away the white shroud over my relationship,

And breaking down my little hutment,

I was snapped out of the mallice wrath and unsaid hatred


Yes man today! 

I stand leading the wars ahead,

Knocking arms forward,

With my millions arm behind,

All this eve I remember, 

How cradles are wrapped as fetters 

Around woman, 

And made them a home maker,

Can't we equal give out the hands? 

Cant we join the shoulders with males? 

What if you can set an army cut? 

Don't forget! 

For past I did!

Again I can tie my Mess in a bun! 

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