Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Call

The Call

2 mins

I hear it...the silence.

I feel it...the air.

I see it...the darkness...

And so I enter.

Into the clear black, on the herald of that silent call.

And then I feel it.

The grains of sand beneath my transient feet

Scattered like bits of my heavy heart.

I also see it.

The azure expanse of perfect tranquility,

So calm..so untouched...

Unlike me.

The cold salty breeze caresses my wet face,

Wrapping my frock around my knees,

As if to comfort me.

It strokes my auburn tresses falling on my neck, gently hugging me...


The sapphire goddess calls,

So near..and yet so far....

And so, I proceed.

It is dark...the stars left me alone.

Yet, the golden sand shimmers under my feet..and now I know...

Hope's alive.

I feel closer now.

Closer to mother..closer to home..

The sand now covered by the frothy crown.

Soles getting damper...

And souls....lighter.

I tarry for a moment,

To let the foam wash my feet..

To breathe the liberating air,

And to hear the goddess call.

It's nearer...

And so, I proceed. 

The waves now lap around my ankles.

And the golden bed feels much softer..

But I must go on.. 

To find what I lost...

My knees are now wet..and weak..

But the urge... Stronger.

And so, eyes forward, I move on..

Mother now hugs me tighter..

First my waist, and now the bosom...

Inside it, a broken..but beating heart.

That's when I realise ...

I might still be alive.

Yonder lies the point of no return. 

My final call..and I hear it.

Loud and clear.

I yearn for mother's tranquil lap, her loving arms, her liberating kiss.

And so..

I close my eyes...Take a deep breath..

And let go.

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