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From Mother To Daughter

From Mother To Daughter

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When I first saw you like a tiny dot on the screen,

The first sign of life, your invisible heart pulsating,

My heart leaped with joy.

When I felt your first kick in my abdomen,

Your playful movement inside me,

I felt pleasure, not pain

When you came into this world

And I heard your first cry

I forgot all the agony I went through

When you gave your first social smile

Your tiny lips separating like rose petals

Flowers bloomed in my heart

You took your first step

Fumbling while trying to balance on your tiny feet

My heart skipped a beat.

As I rushed to hold you in my arms

My foot twisted, but I could not let you get hurt

Oblivious of my pain, I reached you.

Now, you are a grown up girl,

But still you are my little darling

Even now,

When I see you trotting around

My heart leaps with joy

Even now,

When I see you enjoying and having fun

I feel the same pleasure

Even now,

No matter how severe, my aches and pains vanish

When I see you in pain

Even now,

When you fumble on any step in life'

My heart skips a beat

But trust me my child,

Even now,

I will not let you fall ever

Despite any twists or turns I might face

You just need to have the same faith in me

As you had as a child.

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