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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ritika -

Drama Romance


Ritika -

Drama Romance

So, You Left…

So, You Left…

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I heard you were leaving, had a flight to catch home…

It's funny how once you called this heart of mine home too…

You were packed with everything, with all the gifts for everyone,

But it's funny how you wrapped all my memories in a chocolate bar…

Wrapped in the swift of wind you went away, 

As if it had become the story of everyday…

But… you know what hurts, what's there that tears me apart,

It's the fact that I said it again and you said, it wasn't a start…

… For you… so you left…


Yet again it was my folly alone, only mine I guess,

Don't really know why but after all this too I had to stress…

The reason I had to make, the wish I had to believe, 

It can't be you but has to be me and how can you get to relieve? 

For a moment, no but for many, I felt too weak,

I wish I had your ability of getting over in a week!

I stayed with you for so long but couldn't master this skill,

Not our own but of the other; all hopes we had to kill.

Hence, you left…


My phone buzzed twice with a message I received in two parts:

"Leaving" and then "Reached" as if they were the two darts.

I remember how I held your hand and asked if it were necessary?

Pardon my words but the meaning was similar; "you're extra baggage, why should I carry?"

"The customs and the security, and then to carry 1 extra bag with this extra fee!"

"Do you even know how much I paid off when I handed over my car's key?!"

Yes, the key… the key to my heart, which you never returned,

You wanted me to be there for you every time you turned;

Until you left!


My love for you made me weaker than I was ever!

I never thought I'd prefer stone to the souls; now and forever. 

Mixed emotions I have, kind of happy you left but sad too,

Rejection and denial or acceptance or it's vile! Whatever it is because of you.

I wonder how you could just not feel when I looked into your eyes,

To say," I love you, don't go, my love; even my heart cries…"

Your reply to this was amazing if I think it through now;

"It's okay, everything will go better for you… You'll survive somehow."

And there, you left.


"Let's be friends" is the concept so bizarre!

After dating and hating, you still don't seem much far.

This long-distance, short relationship, empty words and zero feelings,

Your "no strings attached" attitude, you don't let my wounds get the healing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, again to the world it's me at fault but nobody tells you the same!

How is it my honesty a disease but not your ways!

When a hurt pride questions how dare your vanity can…

"It's not you, it's me…" this phrase, I wish I could just ban!

And there in front of me, you left...


I couldn't take my eyes off, my gaze chased your vanishing car,

But not once, you turned and looked at me, you were too eager to go afar…

But trust me, if I tell you this, you grew colder than before,

A wolf wearing the skin of sheep; therefore.

But wolves are too loyal creatures, can die for their pack,

I wonder what you can do, except cladding in black…

But you know what I have to tell you one thing very clearly,

Once gone; be gone! Since in my life, for you; there's no entry.

He left.


What you see in my eyes and feel in my heart, was for someone just in my head,

Cause the monsters are real, so do the fairy tales' villain, that reminds me maybe your name is misspelt! 

So, if my pain wasn't painful enough and my tears weren't convincing,

I am sorry to say you are sicker than me; what you need is unconvincing!

But trust me, my dear, my friends do fear… for my well-being and my sanity; unlike you who was never near…

But still, it doesn't lessen the hurt, which sometimes is unable to bear.

So, if this is what love is and this is what is just,

I am glad to tell you that I am happy if it burns my crest;

I don't say but sometimes I feel, it's good to know that you left…

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