Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shilpa Sekhar



Shilpa Sekhar


She's Coming!

She's Coming!

2 mins

The lonely roads and the dark night,

The only glow was from the moonlight.

As she was walking back from work,

Two brothers followed her, who were absolute jerks.

They found a corner with no streetlight,

And pounced on her with all their might.

Having satisfied their carnal needs,

They left her for the dogs to feed.

She wriggled and died like a petty worm,

With her body bleeding and her clothes torn.

Soon the two guys began to hear cries,

And felt being stared by unseen eyes.

At first, they tried to ignore the signs,

But then felt the chills down their spine.

As and when they realised what's happening,

They had a hard time dealing with everything.

Days were filled with sheer fright,

Nothing could match what they faced at night.

One fine day they sat in their house,

Tired as hell and as scared as a mouse.

They soon saw her walk towards them,

Before suddenly disappearing at the bend.

Scared and frightened they rushed to the door,

Only to find two graves dug on the floor.

Shivering and stumbling they reached the terrace,

Hoping there, they could get some solace.

As they reached the edge they heard a step,

When they saw her, they were a nervous wreck!

As she held her arms open,

They saw they had no place to run.

Helpless they jumped from the top,

And their heads split open with a pop!

Yes, she came back you dirty morons!

To make sure you paid before the dawn.

Today she came to make you pay,

She too was a human and not just a prey!

Every night at least one lady dies,

Just like the lights in the dark skies.

When will such men realise their fault?

When will such incidents come to a halt?

It's time you know, you won't be spared.

Watch out! She's coming, Beware!

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