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Shilpa Sekhar

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Shilpa Sekhar

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Whenever we are sick and have nowhere to go,

We go knocking at our Doctor's door...

Ever gave a thought what could he be doing?

He's a human too, might be eating or sleeping...

Yet we go banging on his door,

Impatient and angry, pacing the floor..

Wanting the doctor to be at our beck and call,

In fact, we even expect him to see us in our own hall...

Medical profession isn't easy,

Doctors are often 24 x 7 busy..

No meal times or loo breaks,

Have to perform well and tremendous stress to take..

The slightest mistake on their part,

Can literally take someone's life apart..

They're humans yet perfect they're expected to be,

Praised by only few and cursed by many...

Majority of doctors strive hard for the sick,

Trying their best, even as the death clock ticks..

Yet they're criticized for the slightest fault,

Even if the mistake is on the patient's part..

Doctors are saviors who help us,

They treat, advise and assure us...

Our health is supposed to be in our hands,

Still we blame the doctor when it isn't nice..

It's high time we open our eyes and see,

Doctors have always been as good as they can be..

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