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Nique Flynn

Abstract Drama Romance


Nique Flynn

Abstract Drama Romance

Remember when

Remember when

2 mins 190 2 mins 190

Remember when,-we used to hold each other ever so tightly,- you'd pull me closer to your heart,- if I'd move slightly.

Do you remember when,- we would make love through the night,- so passionately,- our music may have disturbed the neighbors, we'd laugh after, for it wasn't done, out of spite.

Do you remember when,- I'd cry alone,- you'd always find me, -as I hide away, scrolling on my phone, caressing me, wiping my tears,- away with the sadness,- sweet words, " I love you" said unto my ears.

Remember when,- you loved me, so much,- so much so__ you let me go.

Casted,- lost at sea

Missing you,- missing us

Where are you,- where are we

Missing you comes in waves,- right now

Im drowning

If you love something,- or someone

Let them go__

If it comes back,- then that's how,

- you'll know.

Remember the love once found, - let go

Now lost,- the waves of emotion

Fills the space between us,- as we wade the waters,- we discover what's lost, drifting upon deserted islands of Once___ - do you remember when?

(Artwork done/uploaded by: - Jacek Yerka )

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