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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Mercy Mallik

Fantasy Inspirational Others


Mercy Mallik

Fantasy Inspirational Others

Poor Devil

Poor Devil

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In a place too beautiful even for Earth

An angel of the Lord had given birth

To a tiny baby boy of hellish red

His skin the colour of freshly dead

To everyone's horror, this child had a tail

Some horns too and very sharp nails

Instead of a foot, he had only a hoof

And to the Angels that was clearly proof

They had all they needed to believe enough

That this child was one only a mother could love

They withheld no judgement and branded him evil

As all Angels agreed to name him Devil

All except his Mother who's love only grew

Called him her little Angel and Beautiful Baby Blue

What others thought it mattered none

The child to her was the light of the sun

Meant more than the whole of Kingdom Come

For him, she would hold the deadly gun

To end the world and all to become

And if that is what it would take

To make the holy heavens shake

If only for her son to be safe

That is a price she would gladly pay

All throughout the little Devil's life

The Angels would cause him nothing but strife

Even in their lives of old grey age

About him, they taught their kids to rage

To not coincide together in bliss

But instead to treat him with dismiss

When he wanted to play and have fun with others

They would only turn and run to their mothers

In shock and maybe fear too

He knew not what to do

He never quite understood

For all he ever did was good

But to angels, he could never be

For he was always a devil to thee

Surely, he could not be what they could see

But still, they turned in fear to flee

For every day of his life, he wanted to see

The image of the evil he was said to be

A mirror would help him with his quest

But those who he asked would only digress

That the answer he seeks would only depress

And the thoughts he had were best to repress

For mirrors look into your very soul

They would show you to the world as a whole

And the results are out of one's control

And what happens next would always take its toll

So, it was best to just forget

What was in his silly little head

Rather than to have any regrets

He should lay it all down put it to rest

At least that's what the Angels said

That a mirror would only reflect

That of which they all suspect

That he is evil incarnate

So, they must shun without debate

Even though they said nothing but ill

He did not falter and followed their will

For a mirror, he stopped searching

Though his heart kept on yearning

He did his best to please the others

But sought relief in the arms of his mother

He forced himself to turn a blind eye

To kids that vowed to make him cry

He kept his head down adorned with a frown

As everyone smiled about the town

But when days got dark and became obscure

He would be the one to endure

To take the blame when none would

The rotting inside from a wilted bud

Growing not in him

But within their sin

And they cursed him for this

Accused him of faults and they're amiss

Said him to be immune as he was the caster

Of this dark and hateful disaster

Again, he would deny

But still, they would pry

And accuse him of ungodly acts

As his face of evil stated facts

That this Devil could not be trusted

And once again they were disgusted

As he went along his way

With nothing more to say

And much to their dismay

He held his tears at bay

Some days were tough

And things would get rough

Times would be trying

And sometimes he felt like crying

But in their eyes, he refused

His tears of pain would not be used

To prove that he was weak

So, he'd wipe at both his cheeks

To remind them to stay dry

That was his way to get by

This his mother saw

And it pained her to her very core

Whenever he'd ponder on what to do

His mother was there to hug and coo

She would say with warmth and care too

"It's okay to be scared

To lash out with teeth bared

It's natural I've been told

To let your feelings unfold

It's okay my little angel to feel the way you do

To feel like the world is out to get you

But you must know not all are good

Not all do as they really should

But you are strong and so very brave

To be in this world and not cave

The power you hold within

Is far from any of their sin

It gives you might to do what's right

And blind the evil with Heaven's light

Now some may say that is a lie

And you were only born to die

But son you are my Baby Blue

And I would never lie to you!"

He listened to his Mummy and did what he could

To prove to the Angels that this demon was good

Still, they shot him down

Tossed him out of every crowd

Shunned his silent pleads

And got on with their daily deeds

But he didn't give up come what may

He had to get in his say

To show to all of superior level

That he really wasn't Evil's vessel

But care about him they surely did not

As for him, more grief is what they sought

With sticks and stones and all between

They would further persecute this teen

His pleas and screams fell on deaf ears

For they never really wanted him near

The crowds became physical and started to hurt

The poor little Devil was dragged through the dirt

Bashing and beating him like a witch-hunt

Against these forces, he tried to confront

He wanted to know why, why all the pain

To which they ignored and beat him again

Calling him names in hopes to dispel

This wicked omen back to Hell

On the edge of town is where he was left

Too bruised to stand and completely bereft

His people had scorned him and left him to die

Out in the shadows and away from God's eye

As he lay broken and bleeding in pain

He asked again why but all was in vain

No one was there to listen to his call

For he was no angel and he suffered the Fall

So, as he lay down his head in defeat

To look at the sky above the darkened street

Silence is all that he heard

No echoes in the distance nor ghost of a word

He was completely alone

In the world, he calls home

Just as he was ready to close his eyes

And give in gladly to his demise

A sudden shimmer in the distance did dance

Into his pupils putting him under a trance

With newfound strength, he took a deep breath

And crawled to his knees up from his chest

Finally, on his feet did he walk forward

Trying to keep his balance which proved most awkward

But what he came to find would prove worth it

As he stared at what only God would permit

A lonesome mirror sat idly against a tree

Waiting for none it would seem but he

As he trekked closer his doubts came into play

About the Angels in the village and what they might say

If he were to take but a glance

Would that destroy his only chance

To be one of them

An Angel at the hem

If he were to give in to temptation

It would prove their declaration

That he, a demon, a snake

Was always but a fake

In the eyes of God above

He did not deserve their love

But if he looked into the mirror

It would all become much clearer

The questions he has asked

Of which have all been masked

By ones so holy made from stars

Who claim that good is what they are

But they have only come to show

Their tolerance for this little Devil is low

Well now upon himself he'll take it

To slay the demon and remake it

To destroy what atrocities lived within

To change what is by purifying sin

When the poor little Devil could take no more

He did what he had never done before

To see his hideously beast-like state

And vanquish the evil to change his fate

Before he could change his mind

The mirror in front he realigned

The mirror he dared to glance into

To finally see the inevitable truth

Of a monster that hid under everyone's bed

To fill their dreams with unspeakable dread

However, instead of a demon or curse

He came to see something far worse

The face of an Angel was staring right back

No signs of rot or a soul so black the color of gems were the color of his eyes

All blue and clear just like the skies

Instead of ablaze with fire and flame

Like all those who said and conspired to blame

His teeth were not like fangs and serrated

Like all they had told him whilst they berated

He had a set of pearly whites

All straight and all so very nice

And what sat upon his head were not horns

But a glowing golden halo is what he did adorn

With locks of perfect hair and skin unblemished and fair

The face of the Angel was now smiling there

But none could ever come to see

That the face in the mirror was as friendly as he

And finally, he let his emotions run free

He did it so the world could see

The years of tears he kept at bay

He let them wash the pain away

He cried until he could cry no more

For he was always pure at the core

And they would call him only bad

It was enough to drive anyone mad

He could attack and perhaps get even

Against all those who called him a demon

But when he looked into that mirror again

He chose not to hate but to befriend

To forgive them and to forget

About all who said he was a threat

He finally knew his true worth

And now he could freely walk the Earth

He was an Angel of the Lord

And it was by God he was adored

So, with his head held high toward the sky

He had such a gleam in his eye

As the sun ray heat dried his cheeks

A smile on his face has now taken place

Instead of the frown that kept him down

And now when he looks into the eyes of his mother

He can thank only God for sending him no other

Because when she gazes with the heart so true

He can feel the tender love she has for her Beautiful Baby Blue.

Now a true Angel he knows himself to be

Taller than the rest he walks the city streets

Without care or burden to shoulder

He marches on freely does this little soldier

And when they accuse him of what's truly within

He knows the Angels are the demons really...Not him

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