Bharath Kumar

Drama Horror Fantasy


Bharath Kumar

Drama Horror Fantasy

A Tragic End

A Tragic End

2 mins

We are startled by a mighty hurricane

It promised to inject us with enormous pain

Hurricane was accompanied by a massive flood

Like a low battery robot, I just stood

Huge buildings collapsed in a flash of a second

It's time for us to suffer in this terrible weekend

The roaring winds threatened to blow us away

Are we going to survive, no way!

We were absorbed by the tremendous force of water

Are we fed to the mouth of nature eater?

With water levels rising, I felt suffocated

Our chances of survival are getting deleted 

We are welcomed by a silent predator

Oh, my God! It's a dangerous alligator

A behemoth beast opens its scary mouth

Paranoid by its presence, I open my shivering mouth

As it approached me with its a heavy body

I had to run away quickly to save my body

I took deep breaths to gather my strength

I began swimming to save myself from death

A giant piranha jumped out of water

I felt like I was put in a boiling heater

With gloom sweeping our fading place

These predators are gathering pace

The alligator clutched my skinny legs

And the piranha broke my numb hands

I screamed in excruciating pain

And to make matters worse, it started to rain

There was no ambulance nor a human to rescue me

My heart and mind also started leaving me

Many lost their lives battling with predators

We are certainly not going to find any cremators

The place is not going to see tomorrow

We are all swept away by inundated sorrow

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